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Top 5 China Ski Resorts

Despite the fact that China's ski resorts are still relatively unheard of among foreign tourists, the ex-pat community living here, especially the British, Australians and Americans, have long since discovered that China not only has some decent ski slopes, but that the slopes are in fact a fun place to meet others, and of course ski gear can be rented on site.  Below is detailed information of China's Top 5 ski resorts. See China Highlights' ski tours if you want to combine your China tours with some skiing activities.

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Best places to ski in ChinaAlshan Ski ResortYabuli Ski Resort in HarbinNanshan Ski Resort close to BeijingBeijing Huaibei Ski ResortXiling Ski Resort

1.Yabuli Ski Resort - the Largest Ski Resort in China

yabuli nongjiadayuan hotelYbuli Ski Resort
  • Features: The largest Ski Resort in China.
  • Location: Heilongjiang Province in northeast China.
  • Season: Mid November. - Late March
  • Trail vertical drop: From 200m to 1200m with the average drop of 700m
  • Skiing Market: suitable for all particularly for those experienced skiers.

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2.Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort

  • Features: ski glade surrounded by the Great Wall
  • Location: 70 kilometersfrom downtown Beijing (about 1 hour's ride)  in the Jiugukou (Nine Valleys Pass) Natural Scenic Area.
  • Season: December to March
  • Lift: 4
  • Trail: 6
  • Skiing Market: beginners

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3.Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort - Largest Ski Resort close to Beijing

  • Features: The best and largest ski resort close to Beijing.
  • Season: Mid December to March
  • Location: 62 kilometers away from Beijing.
  • Trail: 10
  • Ski Board: Yes
  • Skiing Market: suitable for all

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4.Xiling Ski Resort - China's largest alpine ski resort

  • Features:China's best alpine ski resort.
  • Season: Mid December to March
  • Location: At Xiling Snow Mountain 120 kilometers away from Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan Province.
  • Highest mountain: 5364 meters
  • Trail: 7, 10 kilometers in length
  • Skiing Market: suitable for all

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5.Alshan Ski Resort

  • Features: Resort surrounded by forests
  • Season: November to April
  • Location: On the border of Inner Mongolia in China and Mongolia itself, 3-4 hours by bus/train from Ulanhot.
  • Skiing Market: Suitable for skiers of every level.

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List of Major Ski Resorts in China

NameLocationSki SeasonSki Market
Alshan Ski ResortInner MongoliaNovember - AprilSkiers of every level
Badaling Ski ResortBeijing

Beidahu Ski ResortJilin ProvinceMiddle November - early AprilBeginners to advanced
Changbaishan Ski ResortJilin ProvinceNovember - Early MayBeginners to advanced
Cuiyunshan Ski ResortBeijing

Erlongshan Longzhu Ski ResortHeilongjiangDecember - AprilBeginners,intermediate and advanced.
Emeishan Ski ResortChengdu

Huaibei Ski ResortBeijingDecember - MarchBeginners to advanced
Jingdinghu Ski ResrotBeijing

Jingyuetan Ski ResrotChangchun

Jundu Ski ResortBeijing

Lianhuashan Ski ResortBeijing

Mulan Ski ResortChengde
Holiday makers of all ages
Linshan Ski ResortBeijing

Nanshan Ski ResortBeijingMid December - MarchSkiers of all levels
Pinggu Ski ResortBeijing

Saibei Ski ResortZhangjiakou

Shijinglong Ski ResortBeijingDecember - Feburary.
Tianshan Mountain Ski ResortXinjiang

Xiling Mountain Ski ResortChengduMid December - MarchSkiers of all levels
Xueshijie Ski ResortBeijing
Beginners, intermediate and expert.
Yabuli Ski ResortHarbinMiddle November - Late March.Experienced skiers
Yunfoshan Ski ResortBeijingDecember- MarchBeginners
Yuyang Ski ResortBeijing

Wanlong Ski ResortZhangjiajie

Wujimi Ski ResortHarbin