Heilongjiang Province, in Northeast China opposite Russia, No matter by air, or by railway or by highway, it is very convenient in Heilongjiang. The rich water resources bring advantaged water traffic connecting Heilongjiang Province with Russia, Japan and South Korea.


There are 9 airports in Heilongjiang Province, situated in cities of Harbin, Tsitsihar, Mudanjiang, Kiamusze, Mohe, Heihe, Daqing, Yichun and Jixi. Among them, the Taiping International Airport in Harbin is one of eight biggest airports in China, and it is also the second largest international air harbour in China.

Harbin Taiping International Airport has schedule flights flying to major cities in China like Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen, Wenzhou, Shenyang, Dalian, and Hong Kong. It also operates schedule flights to the airports in Heilongjiang except the one in Daqing. In addition, the international airlines in Harbin Taiping International Airport also connect Harbin with some cities in Russia including Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Tschita and Vladivostok. Read more information about Harbin Flights, Harbin Flight Schedules and the Transportation in Harbin.

Mohe Airport in Mohe County is the northernmost airport in China. The main airline is running between Beijing and Mohe passing Harbin with one flight flying everyday. Check China Flight Schedules.


Due to the advantaged railway transportation, it is very convenient to travel by railway in Heilongjiang. The railway in Heilongjiang connects the province with foreign countries: Russia and North Korea; and other provinces in China: Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia. Heilongjiang is one of the first several provinces building railway. Travelers can get most places in Heilongjiang by trains, even small towns in Heilongjiang. Read detailed information about Harbin Railway Station or check China Train Schedules.


The coverage of highway traffic in Heilongjiang is very wide, with the coverage rate is up to 99%. There is expressway network covering 6 cities (Harbin, Mudanjiang, Kiamusze, Daqing, Suihua and Hegang) in Heilongjiang. If travelers want to visit those places like townlets or villages without railway traffic, they can get there by highway.


The rich water resources in Heilongjiang bring a great convenience to the province and Russia. Based on the Songhua River, the Heilongjiang River and the Wusuli River, the water transport network covers the whole province. The port of Harbin and the port of Kiamusze are the hubs of the water transportation network in Heilongjiang. The ship route on the Songhua River is the main line of the water traffic in Heilongjiang Province, and it is open to navigation from May to November every year. By water transportation, Harbin, Kiamusze, Qiqihaer, Heihe, Tongjiang and Fuyuan are connected with cities in Russia, like Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk and Blagoveshchensk. There are also steamships directly departing to Japan and South Korea.

Questions and Answers About Transportation

Alan Lee 2013-01-28
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How do I go to Mohe from wudalian chi?
Hello, You could first take train from Mohe to Qiqihar and then take bus from Qiqihar to Wudalianchi. Nora Ou replied on 2013-01-29
Grace Lim 2012-08-18
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Do you have a tour to Mohe from Harbin and if yes what is the cost per pax.We are 4 people travelling. Also con you tell me if there is a train from Beian to Mohe

Hi, Grace,

In order to provide an itinerary that best fits your needs; we would like to get more information about where, when, how many people and other related requirements you have pertaining to your travel in China.

Would you please answer a few questions so that we can construct an itinerary that gives you what you want at the best possible price?

  1. How many days your have for the tour?
  2. City or cities of entry/exit
  3. Start date of Tour
  4. Estimative total budget per person.

As for the place "Beian" you mentioned, I was wondering if there is a spelling mistake. I cannot identify it on the map.

Have a nice day.


Sammi Dai replied on 2012-08-20
Lim BC 2012-07-14
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HiIs there a direct bus service from Mohe to Bei''an (both in Heilongjiang Province)? If none, is there a bus from Fuyu to Bei''an then? Appreciate if you give me the bus schedules too. Planning to go to Wudalianchi from Mohe in September.Thanks so much


Hi Lim BC,

      There is no bus from Mohe to Beian. From Fuyu to Bei’an, you have to take bus at the Qiqihar bus station(齐齐哈尔). Add: No.399, Longhua Road, Qiqihar(黑龙江省齐齐哈尔龙华路339). Tel: 0452-2133166. Bus schedule: 12:00, 13:40.

Alice Cai replied on 2012-07-15
Hi Alice, thanks so much for your quick reply. U have a great day. Lim BC replied on 2012-07-15
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