Shanghai Weather in December

yuyuan gardenGolden leaves at Yuyuan Garden

Weather: During December the weather becomes cold and windy. The average high and low temperatures are 11 °C and 2 °C. Although it is not usual, it may snow this month.

Clothing: Bring warm clothes such as a down jacket, a sweater, a hat, and gloves to stay warm.

Things to Do

Though it is a low travel season, the cool dry weather of December is ideal for touring Shanghai. Until the middle of the month, the city parks still have their colorful leaves and natural fall beauty for you to see.

Enjoy a Lemon-Yellow Autumn in Shanghai

The yellow Gingko leaves stay out bright and flashy until the middle of December. These trees are native to China, and their leaves look brilliant against a blue sky. Chinese people also eat the seeds, and the leaves make a medicinal tea.

Gingko trees are a favorite Chinese garden tree, and you'll enjoy finding their distinctive color in several of the city's parks. See the Best Places To See Fall Foliage in China.

Christmas at Xintiandi: At the fashionable shopping area with a European style, you can enjoy a Christmas meal and do some Christmas shopping amid Christmas decorations and lights.

The original buildings date from the time of the International Settlement, and you'll discover surprising Western-style restaurants and cafes tucked away in the original European-style interiors.

上海浦东丽思卡尔顿酒店The skyscrapers at Pudong New District

See Pudong: You'll see the lights and Christmas decorations aglow while shopping in the malls. Be sure to check out the Shanghai World Financial Center's mall and the 100th floor observation deck (474 meters, 1,555 feet).

Tour and shop at the Shanghai World Financial Center:

  • Tallest building in China (2013)
  • 1,614 feet (492 meters), 101 floors
  • 100th floor observation deck

Until the Shanghai Tower opens in 2014, it is the highest building in Shanghai. You can also see the nearby 88-story Jin Mao Tower. These three skyscrapers sit in a cluster next to the Pudong River in the Lujiazui financial district.

For wealthy tourists, there is a Hyatt Regency luxury hotel. You'll find bars and restaurants in the Hyatt Regency between floors 79 to 93.

Low travel season: December is a low travel month, but the fall foliage and the cool dry weather of early December is good to see the sights of Shanghai. You can take advantage of lower room rates. Let us help you book flights and train tickets.

Winter activities: Shanghai is not a city for ski lovers, and there are no ski resorts in the area. Travelers who want to hit the slopes may go to Beijing or further onto Harbin. Also read Where to Travel in China in December.

China Highlights Tours

Let us help you plan a personalized Shanghai tour. If you are interested in touring the region including any of these places or just want to book reservations for hotels, contact us.

See the best of Shanghai with our Shanghai tours. Our tours are developed through years of experience and customer feedback, reasonably priced, and can be customized to your requirements.

You may also want to read about how to plan a day trip in Shanghai. For those planning to take a quick trip or just transit through, see the new Visa-Free Tours.

Shanghai Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
December 1 56 °F 13.33 °C 41 °F 5 °C
December 2 55 °F 12.78 °C 41 °F 5 °C
December 3 55 °F 12.78 °C 40 °F 4.44 °C
December 4 55 °F 12.78 °C 40 °F 4.44 °C
December 5 54 °F 12.22 °C 40 °F 4.44 °C
December 6 54 °F 12.22 °C 39 °F 3.89 °C
December 7 54 °F 12.22 °C 39 °F 3.89 °C
December 8 53 °F 11.67 °C 39 °F 3.89 °C
December 9 53 °F 11.67 °C 38 °F 3.33 °C
December 10 53 °F 11.67 °C 38 °F 3.33 °C
December 11 52 °F 11.11 °C 37 °F 2.78 °C
December 12 52 °F 11.11 °C 37 °F 2.78 °C
December 13 51 °F 10.56 °C 37 °F 2.78 °C
December 14 51 °F 10.56 °C 36 °F 2.22 °C
December 15 51 °F 10.56 °C 36 °F 2.22 °C
December 16 50 °F 10 °C 35 °F 1.67 °C
December 17 50 °F 10 °C 35 °F 1.67 °C
December 18 50 °F 10 °C 35 °F 1.67 °C
December 19 49 °F 9.44 °C 34 °F 1.11 °C
December 20 49 °F 9.44 °C 34 °F 1.11 °C
December 21 48 °F 8.89 °C 34 °F 1.11 °C
December 22 48 °F 8.89 °C 33 °F 0.56 °C
December 23 48 °F 8.89 °C 33 °F 0.56 °C
December 24 47 °F 8.33 °C 32 °F 0 °C
December 25 47 °F 8.33 °C 32 °F 0 °C
December 26 47 °F 8.33 °C 32 °F 0 °C
December 27 46 °F 7.78 °C 31 °F -0.56 °C
December 28 46 °F 7.78 °C 31 °F -0.56 °C
December 29 45 °F 7.22 °C 31 °F -0.56 °C
December 30 45 °F 7.22 °C 30 °F -1.11 °C
December 31 45 °F 7.22 °C 30 °F -1.11 °C

Shanghai Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Shanghai Weather in December

Sharon Lim 2013-11-27
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Should I bring winter jacket for my kids to shanghai on 11 Dec 2013?
Hi, weather in Shanghai on December is very cold. It is a wise idea to take winter jackets for your families. If you need some tours in Shanghai, we are very happy to help you. guest replied on 2013-11-27
bel 2013-11-13
Show Answer
Is it a good time to travel to shanghai in December with a child?
Hi bel, during December the weather becomes cold and windy. The average high and low temperatures are 11 °C and 2 °C. Although it is not usual, it may snow this month. The sceneary itself have no big differnce in December. So you think the weather is acceptabel to you, then you can do the tour in December. Please feel free to let me know if you want me to arrange the tour for you. Simon Huang replied on 2013-11-13
James Chng 2013-08-14
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Will be attending Shanghai Maritec 2013 and need a hotel ( average) and near to subway can bring us to the exhib hall. likely three to four days stay
Please visit our website at for hotels in Shanghai. guest replied on 2013-08-15
sekhar 2013-07-20
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Hi, I am confirmed in Celebrity Service Apartments Shanghai from 30th Dec. How is the apartment and how far from the main shopping area. What do you suggest about the weather during this period, I am with two kids (11yrs & 16yrs) any precautions required. Also the most important thing, is it safe to move with the family at night for shopping on the street !! The shops are open till what time during dec-jan. Please reply in detail to make me more comfortable. Thanks

Hi Sekhar, it would be quite good at that time, thick jackets or down-filled coats are suggested. It is safe to move out at night. Don't worry. Usually the shops will close at 9-10pm.

If you need any tour service, please feel free to contact me.

Nice day, Whitney

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-07-22
sonia 2012-12-18
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In shanghai on 27th dec to 2nd jan. please suggest best places to shop at the best price.
Dear Sir or Madam, We've listed many options on the website, please check the information. Please click: Lussie Lu replied on 2012-12-18
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