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Tongren Attractions

Tong Ren attractions focus on Tibetan monasteries. Among the dozens of monasteries in the region, Longwu Monastery and the Wutun Upper and Lower monasteries are the most famous. Another feature of Tong Ren is the Thangkas paintings, which give Tong Ren a name in the Tibetan world. Tong Ren is the birthplace of Thangkas paintings, and the villages around the town are all involved in this ancient art.

The Tong Ren Saman Festival is one of the most amazing religious rituals. China Highlights offers a tour to Tong Reneach year to coincide with the Shaman Festival.

Most Popular Tong-Ren Attractions

Longwu Temple

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Lajia Temple

Lajia temple belongs to The Gelug Sect of Chinese Tibetan Buddhism. It is located on the bank of the Yellow River in a valley. The area where thetemple is located has a humid weather.Lajia temple is the most fa..

Kanbula National Forest Park

Cambra National Forest Park is located at an altitude of 2100-4000 meters above sea level. It is north of the Yellow river and in proximity of the Lijiaxia Hydraulic Power Plant. The Cambra National Forest Park..