Beijing Tourist Bus

There are two kinds of tourist buses in Beijing: city buses and tourist buses for one-day tour package operated by Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch.

Tourist Bus 1 and 2 (Tandem Delivery)

Beijing has a tourist bus line: Tourist Line 1 and 2 (or Beijing Sightseeing Bus Line 1 and 2), stretching across 12 stops from Huizhong Li (慧忠里) to Qian Men (前门). The length of the line is 24.4 kilometers (15.2 miles). Passengers can enjoy the charms of some historic buildings, modern buildings and the Olympic venues in Beijing by taking the bus line. Passengers can pass a scenic spot every 5 or 6 minutes when taking both of the two bus lines. The conductor on the buses serves concurrently as tour guide, and they can introduce the scenic spots passing by both in English and in Chinese. The video shown on the buses also can help passengers to know several main scenic spots in Beijing.

The double-deck bus is equipped with air conditioners, with 58 soft seats (40 on upper deck and 18 on lower deck). There are 4 small tables in the end of the lower deck. The departure interval is about 17 minutes and the ticket fare is 3 yuan for one journey. The service time is a little different during tourist rush season (April 15–October 15) and tourist off season (October 16–April 15 in next year).

12 stops along the line: Huizhong Li (慧忠里), Beichen East Road (北辰东路), The South of Yangshan Bridge (仰山桥南), The East of the Olympic Village (奥运村东), National Indoor Stadium (国家体育馆), The North of Beichen West Bridge (北辰西桥北), Minzu Yuan Road (民族园路), Drum Tower (鼓楼), The East Gate of Jinshan Mountain (景山东门), South of Shatan Crossing (沙滩路口南), The West of Tian’anmen Square (天安门广场东) and Qian Men (前门)

Service time

Tourist rush season (April 15–October 15): 08:00–18:00 (Beijing South Railway Station) and 09:00–19:00 (North Wardroom)
Tourist off season (October 16–April 15 in next year): 08:00–16:00 (Beijing South Railway Station) and 09:00–17:00 (North Wardroom)

Tourist Buses for One-Day Tour Package in Beijing

 Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch (北京旅游集散中心), located near Qian Men (前门, or Zhengyang Gate,正阳门), is a government-run company setting up in September, 2005. Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch is founded to provide a convenient service and stop illegal one-day tour packages operators, who would bring travelers to shopping sites without noticing them. Tourist buses operated by Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch can take travelers to lots of famous scenic spots in and nearby Beijing. These tourist buses can be classified into three categories: buses for world cultural sites packages, buses for urban sightseeing packages and buses for suburban sightseeing packages.

Travelers would better to buy tickets inside the ticket office of Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch for getting rid of being cheated by the illegal operators or tour guides.

Essentials for Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch

Address: A1Qianmen West Street (前门西大街甲1号)
Toll-free call: 010-8353 1111 (24 hours)
Tel: 010-6601 5622
Fax: 010-8842 1096

How to Buy a Ticket

You can buy tickets for the day before departure time, or make reservation for the next day by telephone.
Telephone Booking: 010-6601 5622 or 010-8353 1111

Dispatch Centers

Qianmen Dispatch Center
Qianmen including Tiananmen Dispatch Center and Tiananmen Dispatch Branch Center
1. Tiananmen Dispatch Center (天安门广场发车中心)
Location: the southwest corner of the Tiananmen Square
Transportation: Take Bus 9, 67, 212, 301, 337, 673, 808, Te 2 (特2), Te 4 (特4) or Te 7 (特7) and get off at Qianmen Xi (前门西); or take bus 2, 20, 120, 126 or 210 and get off at the West of Tiananmen Square, (天安门广场西), and then walk to the Tiananmen Dispatch Center.
2. Tiananmen Dispatch Branch Center (天安门广场发车分中心)
Location: the southeast corner of the Tiananmen Square
Transportation: Take bus 8, 9, 210, 209, 673, 729, 744 or Te 2 (特2) and get off at East Qianmen (前门东); or take bus 2, 20, 120, 126, 203 or 210 and get off at the East of Tiananmen Square (天安门广场东), and then you can walk to the Tiananmen Dispatch Branch Center.

Xuanwumen Dispatch Center (宣武门发车中心)
Location: the northeast corner of Xuanwumen Crossroads
Transportation: Take us 7, 15, 67, 212, 808, 826, Te 2 (特2), Te 4 (特4) or Te 7 (特7) and get off at Xuanwumen Dong (宣武门东), and then you can walk to the Xuanwumen Dispatch Center.


  • The ticket price includes fares for admission tickets in scenic spots, round-trip tickets, and tour guide, and even lunch fare is included for some routes.
  • The departure time is a little different in tourist rush season (April 14–October 15) and tourist off season (October 16-April 16).
  • Some routes are serving group tours formed by individual travelers might be canceled when the group members are less than 5 persons. Hence, travelers are advised to confirm before buying the tickets.
  • Some routes can be booked via toll-free call (010-8353 1111), and travelers can dial the call to consult with Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch.
  • Seniors above 60 years and children with height below 1.2 meters can enter some scenic spots with preferential tickets or even for free, so the bus ticket might be cheaper for this group.

Below are four timetables information for detailed tourist buses, including three kinds of one-day tour packages: world cultural sites packages (daily), urban sightseeing packages (daily) and suburban sightseeing packages.

World Cultural Sites Packages (daily)

LineDestinationDeparture TimeDeparture IntervalDeparture PlacePrice
ABadaling Great Wall  and the Ming Tombs 06:00-10:00 (rush season) and 07:00-10:00 (off season15 minutes (rush season) and 35 minutes (off season)Qian Men (前门)160 yuan, 125 yuan, per senior above 60 years
BThe Summer Palace and Badaling Great Wall 9:30
Qian Men (前门)190 yuan, 170 yuan per senior above 60 years
CBadaling Great Wall 08:30-11:00 (rush season) and 09:00-11:00 (off season)25 minutes (rush season) and 50 minutes (off season)Qian Men (前门)100 yuan, 80 yuan per senior above 60 years

Suburban Sightseeing Packages

These routes are only available in every Saturday and holiday from April 15 to October 15.

DestinationsDeparture TimeDeparture PlacePriceTicket including Fares for
Shi Du (十渡)and Gushan Village (孤山寨)08:30Xuanwumen100 yuan, 80 yuan per senior above 60 yearsAdmission ticket and bus fare
Huanghuacheng Great Wall 08:30Xuanwumen84 yuan, 67 yuan per senior above 60 yearsAdmission ticket and bus fare
Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty08:30Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch180 yuan, 130 yuan per senior above 60 yearsAdmission ticket and bus fare
Mutianyu Great Wall 08:30Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch95 yuan, 130 yuan per senior above 75 yearsAdmission ticket and bus fare
Longqing Gorge 08:30Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch60 yuanBus fare

Urban Sightseeing Packages (daily)

The departure place is Qian Men (前门).

DestinationsDeparture TimeApproximate Ticket Price
Peking University, Singhua University, the Water Cube, Birsd's Nest and Fuguo Underwater World09:30155 yuan
Temple of Heaven, Prince Gong's Mansion and the Old Summer Palace09:30230 yuan, 200 yuan per senior above 60 yeas
Tiananmen, the Imperial Palace (or Fobidden City) and the Summer Palace 09:30

220 yuan, 190 yuan per senior above 60 years
Bird's Nest, the Water Cube, Prince Gong's Mansion, Hutong and Beihai Park 09:30190 yuan, 170 yuan per senior aboves 60 years
National Grand Theatre, Yonghe Lama Temple and Fuguo Underwater World09:30195 yuan, 175 yuan per senior above 60 years

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Questions and Answers About Beijing Tourist Bus

Ivy Mok 2014-01-18
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Hi, we are 2 adults and 2 children (5&7) will visit Beijing in Apr. We would like to see the Great Wall so interest in Line A or B. Could you suggest which one more appropriate for having young children? Will they need to pay the full price of 190RMB?

Hi Ivy, I suggest the Line B to you. Yes, the price for children is same as adult.

Whitney Liao replied on 2014-01-21
Winnie 2013-08-11
Show Answer
Hi, I am interested in World Cultural Sites Packages of Line 1. Is 6:00am the first bus? How is the details of the tour?
The first bus departs at 8:00am from Beijing South Railway Station. The bus will drive tourists to each sights based on the route. May I know what details you like to know? Carol Wang replied on 2013-08-12
Norma 2013-07-15
Show Answer
How long is spent at tombs and wall on Tour A and is lunch included
Dear Norma, This tour takes about 9.5 hours and the lunch fee is included. Please click this link to check the details: Lussie Lu replied on 2013-07-15
Max D 2012-12-29
Show Answer
Hi we are 2 persons that want to go on the Line B tour in your World Cultural Sites Package. Whats included in the price for 190 RMB, and do you have a more precis scheduel for the day trip?

Hello Max, it includes the visit to The Summer Palace and Badaling Great Wall. You will need to get to Qian Men our boarding place and our guide will collect all the passengers there. May i know when do you like to take the tour?  

Simon Huang replied on 2012-12-31
Sajitha PJ 2012-10-21
Show Answer
I would like to take the "Bird''s Nest, the Water Cube, Prince Gong''s Mansion, Hutong and Beihai Park" tour. I would like to know whether the fare is inclusive of admission charges to the attractions? Also please let me know whether the bus will take me back to the starting point.

Hi Sajitha, yes, the ticket price includes admission charges to the attractions, round-trip tickets and  tour guide. Sure the bus will take you back to the starting point.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-10-23
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  2. The coupon is valid till Dec. 31, 2014, for paying tour packages worth $250 or up.
  3. The coupon cannot be used for paying flight tickets, train tickets, hotel rooms and day trips.
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