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Top 10 Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is blessed with popular attractions and sightseeing opportunities, and you will find endless things to see and do. China Highlights has listed for you the following top 10 things to do in Hong Kong.

Most of these activities are free. These are places and sights that give Hong Kong its unique local color and make Hong Kong memorable. The other things to do are moderately priced. These ten places are where old and young, the wealthy tourists, and the backpackers tend to go in Hong Kong.

1. See the Avenue of Stars Skyline

Avenue of StarsAvenue of Stars

Simply walk out on the Avenue of Stars on the shore. The skyline around the harbor ranks as the tallest in the world, and at 8 pm most evenings, it lights up for the Symphony of Lights, in the above photo.By day or by night, Hong Kong's skyline against Victoria Peak and the blue backdrop of Victoria Harbor is the favorite tourist attraction.

2. Ride the Star Ferry

The Star Ferry offers some of the best views of Victoria Harbor.

This little ship does a lot of work and is internationally known and ranks high in international tourist esteem. But it is just a humble little ferry ship that gets it acclaim due to its neighbors. By day or night, you'll see memorable and beautiful scenery like this. A ride across Victoria Harbor costs 25 cents US. At 8 pm, see the light show from the ship.

3. Ascend for the Victoria Peak View

victoria peak Hong Kong's skyline viewed from the Victoria Peak

The best sightseeing point on Hong Kong Island and probably all of Hong Kong is Victoria Peak that looks down on Central. Walking paths, a mall, and parks on the peak are places you can explore. The Peak Tram is a tourist favorite, but you could walk up Old Peak Road in an hour.

4. Shop and Sightsee on Nathan Road

The "Golden Mile" of Nathan Road starts from the Third World of Chungking Mansions, passes through the World of Islam by the Masjid, goes by First World malls and ritzy shops, and takes you to popular Cantonese-style street markets. It is a unique experience in a few hours. Temple Street closeby is for a sample of Hong Kong's food.

5. Explore Lantau Island

Big Buddha in Lantau IslandThe Big Buddha in Lantau Island

Get away to this large island for relaxation, sightseeing and outdoor adventures. It is still a sparsely populated island of natural parkland, beaches, mountains, and hiking and biking trails. Mui Wo and Pui O are known for scenery and seafood restaurants.

6. Discover Hong Kong's History

Hong Kong has a fascinating history from the time the last Emperor of the Song Empire fled here 700 years ago. British colonization made Hong Kong a key port and a stage for battle during WWII.

Hong Kong has a number of good museums, but the Museum of History will probably stand out as the favorite for tourists. Learn why Hong Kong became one of the world's foremost trade, investment, and financial centers.

7. Hike Dragon's Back

The Dragon's Back was named by Time Magazine as Asia's Best Urban Hiking Trail. Though you are close to the city only a few kilometers away, it doesn't feel like that. The environment is that different.

8. Enjoy a Macau Day Trip

MacauThe Facade of St. Paul's Cathedral, Macau

Only an hour away by ferry, another world awaits with Portuguese buildings to see, a different style of cuisine to taste, and huge casino resorts. The world's biggest gambling city is a big change of pace from Hong Kong. There is more sunshine to enjoy too.

9. Have Fun at Ocean Park

Hong Kong's biggest and most popular theme park is Ocean Park. Along with acrobatic sea mammals, there are exhibits of other sea creatures. The Amazing Asian Animals section has pandas. You can ride the sky tram to see the scenery. There is a roller coaster and many other big rides.

10. Ride the Tram for Sightseeing

A lot of people will be surprised that this old fashioned contraption still operates in Hong Kong. It stops at all the right places and goes slowly enough so that tourists can see the sights along the north coast. An exciting photography opportunity, you can get up-close photos from the top of the boxcars.

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