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Top Places to Visit in China in Summer
There is definitely something about China's hot, sultry summer that adds some romance to the day and night. In this, the tourist peak season with numbers boosted by student holidays, all China is travel-able including the remotest regions of Tibet and the northwest.
Great Wall Sections — Which Section to Visit
The Great Wall of China starts beyond Jiayuguan in China’s northwest, passing over deserts and grasslands, going along mountain ridges, and finally ends in Shanhaiguan on China’s east coast. The most popular sections of the Great Wall of China are around Beijing’s north and east.
China’s Top National Parks
China has national parks too, 225 in total! They cover both scenic and historic preservation areas. Here we concentrate on China’s top scenic national parks, featuring five chosen for outstanding scenery and reputation.
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How to Save on a Trip to China

There are many ways to cut China tour costs. Read these six points for how to plan a cheaper trip to China.

8 Mistakes That Will Put You in a Sea of Chinese Tourists

How to avoid the crowds when traveling in China, and make the most of your holiday — 8 top tips

Earthquakes in China — History, Predictions, What To Do

Find out how earthquakes in China may affect tourism and you, the traveler: history, predictions, and what to do to prepare for and react to a quake.

Traveling Independently in China — How It Differs from in the West

Here are the things you should consider before traveling China alone — self-planned and self-guided: transport, the sights, hotels, food, and other options.

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11 Reasons Your China Tour Should Be Private… Not a Group Tour

Here we give you valuable insights into why you should take a private tour in China instead of a standardized group tour. Private vs Group Tour Summary Table.

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Walking in the Footsteps of Marco Polo — Discover Old China

Marco Polo was the most famous Western traveler of China in ancient times. Discover China in Polo's day, including places like Beijing, Xi'an, and Hangzhou.

China Post — How to Mail Big Buys Home

How to Ship Excess Baggage Home from China: what to except and how to make sure you are choosing the right service.

6 Smart Packing Tips to Travel Light in China

Seasoned travelers will advise you to just pack the essentials. Travelling light can allow you to better enjoy your adventures in China. Find out how...

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Top China Gateway Cities

Your choice of China’s four main gateway cites — Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou — will affect your itinerary.

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Articles on China Tour Planning

Articles on China Tour Planning helps you plan a great trip to China in easy ways!

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Birdwatching in China — enjoy the best of China's birdlife

Birdwatching in China is becoming more popular — a golden opportunity to connect the pleasurable with the beneficial...

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China's Disabled Access/Facilities — a British Carer's Advice

Lynne Buddin, experienced China traveler and carer, gives her frank assessment of disabled persons' travel prospects in China...

Lynne Buddin
The Top 10 Apps for China Travelers

Apps are revolutionizing the way we travel, and nowhere is this more true than China. Download these apps to travel easier...

How to Make the Most of Your China Tour Guide

Getting the best from your guide... or, how to use them, not abuse them.

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72-Hour Visa-Free Cities in China - Policy, Travel Suggestions, Tours

You can enjoy 72-hour visa-free travel in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, while other cities have special visa policies.

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How to Explore China's Back of Beyond

Boldly go where no foreigner has gone before in China... with this advice in mind.

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How to Travel Ethically in China

In China we encourage ethical travel with sensitivity to the local culture and people. Here are our tips for doing so.

The Top 12 China Holiday Wreckers

You'll benefit from reading through this quick list of twelve vacation spoilers to avoid while traveling in China.

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How to Visit a Chinese Temple

All you need to know for visiting a Chinese temple, including when to go, ticketing, clothing, behavior, taking photos, and special customs.

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Top China Travel Documentaries

This article introduces seven documentaries and documentary series that are great preparation for a trip to China.

10 Books to Read Before Going to China

Recommended ten books for travelers to China in order to understand Chinese culture, history of China, China's social life and environment.

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10 Movies to Watch Before Going to China

These movie suggestions, including Hero and Seven Years in Tibet, will help you prepare for going to China.

A Traveller's Guide to Chinese Law

This guide to Chinese laws lets visitors know what affects them and how, and how to stay out of trouble in China.

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Price Bands in China

Money talks, and in Hong Kong it speaks a different language to the rest of China — discover where’s pricey, middling, and cheap.

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Dates You  Should Avoid When Planning a China Tour

The following dates should be avoided when planning a China tour: National Day Holiday, May Day, and Chinese New Year...

The Top Reasons to Visit China — What Makes China Special

Here are 5 great reasons to visit China and observe this astounding growth period for yourself, before it's too late.

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7 Great Things to Do with Kids in China

The top seven family-friendly activities in China include visiting snack streets, rickshaw riding, and climbing the Great Wall.

How to Plan a First Trip to China

Here’s our experience on making the most of your first trip to China, when most travelers focus on China’s cultural attractions.

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Tips for Optimizing Your China Adventure

Visiting China is always full of new experiences, and here are some tips for getting the most out of your China experience.

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Best Places for a Second Trip to China

China’s best places for a second trip include Guilin, Chengdu, Lhasa, the Yellow Mountains, the Three Gorges, Yunnan, and Pingyao.

The Top Five Tips for a First Trip to China

China is a very different country, and our top 5 first-trip tips include how to break the language barrier and bargain in Chinese.

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How to Use a Squat Toilet in China

Squat toilets aren't terribly difficult once you know how to use them. Prepare yourself and stand with feet either side…

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The Top 10 Faux Pas to Avoid in China

There are some faux pas for visitors to China, including offensive gifts and certain inauspicious table manners.

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