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Top Reasons to Visit Guangzhou

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Guangzhou, once known as Canton, the capital of Guangdong Province, is the host venue for the busy Canton Fair. Thousands of travelers come to Guangzhou for the wonderful scenery in this large metropolis, but also the authentic and tempting Yue Cuisine, and the local culture, like Cantonese Opera.

Being the most important port on the Pearl River after Hong Kong, Guangzhou boasts convenient ferry transport to Hong Kong and Macau. Baiyun International Airport is one of China's largest, making it an excellent place to enter or leave China.


You can find scores of gorgeous natural parks and historic spots interspersed in this modern city, such as White Cloud Mountain and Chen Ancestral Shrine. Modern buildings and theme parks in the urban area, like Canton Tower and Chimelong Holiday Resort, mark Guangzhou as an international-level developed city.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China with the most complete variety of goods, including health products, internet & computer’s products, and garments. China Highlights can help you book hotels to your requirements, and provide a specific travel guide of Canton Fair to you.

Authentic Yue Cuisine

Yue Cuisine or Cantonese food, one of China’s Eight Regional Cuisines, is well represented by Guangzhou dishes. Tenderness and slightly sweet taste are its features. Do you want to eat like a local in Guangzhou? Enjoy morning teatime with your friends or families in the local restaurants, and taste the authentic dim sum.


There are many shopping streets and shopping centers in Guangzhou covering everything that you might need. You may meet considerable discounts at the seasonal cross-overs.

Cantonese Opera

Classic Cantonese Opera is regularly performed in some theatres in Guangzhou, including Jiangnan Theatre in Haizhu District. After a long day tour of Guangzhou city, taking a rest in a theatre and watching a traditional performance is relaxing.

Guangzhou, the center of China's largest city cluster where many of the world's clothes and electronic goods are made, would be an interesting  city to visit on a tour of China. It is also a popular destination for an extended tour alongside Beijing and Shanghai. China Highlights can help you design unique tours of Guangzhou with the best hotels, restaurants, and tour guides for you.

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