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Guilin 72-Hour Visa-Free Travel

Yulong River

Following Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dalian, and Shenyang, Guilin is going to be the next 3-day visa-free city.

1-Day Tour Recommendations

two rivers four lakesNight view of Two Rivers and Four Lakes, water system in Guilin city

1. Guilin City

Guilin city has so many things to see in the daytime, but also at night. Many parks in the city area offer great natural scenery throughout the year, such as Elephant Hill Park.
Climbing to Solitary Beauty Peak, you can have a bird view of the Guilin city. It is physically challenged, and takes about 40 minutes.
It is much quieter at night. The night views of Guilin city are breathtaking. Decorated by colorful lights, the lakes look more fantastic. Strolling by the lakes and taking a 2 Rivers 4 Lakes cruise are good ideas. The cruise is about 1 hour.
At night, shopping on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street for some souvenirs and enjoying a cup of coffee in a cafe by the Li River are also poetic.

2. Ancient Towns Nearby

huangyao ancient townHuangyao Ancient Town

There are many ancient towns in the suburbs of Guilin, among which Daxu Ancient Town and Huangyao Ancient Town are the most popular ones. Daxu Ancient Town is about 1 hour’s drive from the city center. It remains old in appearance and quiet. The buildings in the town are old-fashioned with gray roofs and white walls. Situated on the bank of the river, the natural scenery there is also excellent. You can visit the local residents’ houses to see their antique decorations.

Huangyao Ancient Town is a little different from Daxu Ancient Town. It has a history of more than 1,000 years. The yellow-bricks and gray-tiled houses, located between the river and trees in the town, look classic. It is the set of the famous film The Painted Veil.

3. Yangshuo

lijiang riverEnjoy the beautiful scenery along Li River, Yangshuo.

It is a good idea to have a one-day trip to Yangshuo. Get up early in the morning and have a 1½ hour’s drive from the city center. alternatively cruising the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo is a top thing to do.
At about 2pm, you can have a ride in the countryside of Yangshuo or go bamboo rafting on the Yulong River. Along the biking route, you can see the Yulong River and miriads of mountains. It is popular with most tourists. The countryside turns into different colors depending on the season. Capture the beautiful countryside scenery in your camera! Bamboo rafting is a great outdoor activity in summer, and it takes about 3 hours.
Different from Guilin city, the downtown of Yangshuo becomes busy at night, especially West Street. You can stroll around the street and buy some special souvenirs, or find a quiet cafe to have a cup of coffee.
The night performance on the Li River is stunning! Decorated by the colorful lights, the performers wearing ethnic costumes deliver you a magnificent night performance on the Li River in front of the mountains. The Impression of Liu Sanjie tells a traditional Zhuang ethnic story. This performance has received high praise from tourists.

4. Longji

guilinLongji Terraced Fields is yellow in autumn.

Located about 1½ hours’ drive from Guilin city, is one of the must-visit places in Guilin. Hiking at Longji Terraced Fields in different seasons, you can see different colors. You can not only appreciate the stunning natural scenery, but also visit the ancient houses with a history of more than a hundred years.
China Highlights can take you to experience local food in a local farmer’s house. And you can have a unique experience of plowing in the fields. It is a good way to experience traditional local life.

2-Day Tour Recommendations

1. One Day in Guilin City and One Day in Yangshuo

Most tourists chose to stay in Guilin City for one day and spend the rest of the time in Yangshuo. It is more relaxing than having a hike in Longji Terraced Fields.

2. Visit Sanjiang Dong Autonomous Country

Sanjiang Dong women are singing.

Apart from the Yao and Zhuang minority groups, the Dong people in Dong villages and Chengyang Scenic Area have their own rich culture. See the long ‘wind-rain’ bridge, built of wood, combining corridors, pavilions, pagodas and exquisite structures. It’s the unique building of the Dong people. In Sanjiang you can see a large-scale live-action performance expressing the history and culture of the Dong.

3. One Day in the Guilin City and One Day Hiking in Longji

For tourists who want to relax but also adventure, it is suitable to plan a one day tour in Guilin City with a one day hiking tour at Longji Terraced Fields.

3-Day Tour Recommendations

lijiang riverFishing lights in Xingping, Yangshuo

1. One Day in Guilin City, One Day in Yangshuo, and One Day in Longji

If you have enough time in Guillin, you can explore the three most attractive places in three days.

2. One Day in Huangyao or Daxu Ancient Town, One Day in Yangshuo, and One Day in Longji

3. One Day in Yangshuo or Longji, and Two Days in Sanjiang Dong Minority Village

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