Shanghai Weather in November

yuyuan garden Yellow leaves at Yuyuan Garden

Weather: During November, the weather gradually turns to winter, with windy and dry conditions. There is a noticeable drop in temperature between day and night. The average low and high temperatures are 8 °C (46 °F) and 17 °C (63 °F).

Clothing: November generally means sweater weather, and one needs a coat for cooler days

Things to Do

The fine, cool and dry weather of November is ideal for touring Shanghai. It is time to go to the city parks and see the bright leaves and the natural fall beauty.

Enjoy a Lemon-Yellow Autumn in Shanghai: The bright yellow Gingko leaves appear in abundance in November in Shanghai and extend into December. These trees are native to China and their leaves are brilliant against a blue sky. Chinese people also eat the seeds, and the leaves make a medicinal tea. Gingko trees are a favorite Chinese garden tree, and you'll enjoy finding their distinctive color in several of the city's parks.

Century Park: See the mix of fall colors in the various types of trees. It is one of the bigger parks in Shanghai and is conveniently located near a subway line in Pudong. The park features a big pond. You can take paddle boats out on it and walk the paths around it.

Peak travel season: November is a peak travel month. Foreign tour groups flock inbound in the fall. Let us help you book flights and train tickets.

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Further Reading

Shanghai Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
November 1 66 °F 18.89 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
November 2 66 °F 18.89 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
November 3 66 °F 18.89 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
November 4 65 °F 18.33 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
November 5 65 °F 18.33 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
November 6 65 °F 18.33 °C 50 °F 10 °C
November 7 64 °F 17.78 °C 50 °F 10 °C
November 8 64 °F 17.78 °C 50 °F 10 °C
November 9 64 °F 17.78 °C 49 °F 9.44 °C
November 10 63 °F 17.22 °C 49 °F 9.44 °C
November 11 63 °F 17.22 °C 48 °F 8.89 °C
November 12 63 °F 17.22 °C 48 °F 8.89 °C
November 13 62 °F 16.67 °C 48 °F 8.89 °C
November 14 62 °F 16.67 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
November 15 62 °F 16.67 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
November 16 61 °F 16.11 °C 47 °F 8.33 °C
November 17 61 °F 16.11 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
November 18 61 °F 16.11 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
November 19 60 °F 15.56 °C 46 °F 7.78 °C
November 20 60 °F 15.56 °C 45 °F 7.22 °C
November 21 59 °F 15 °C 45 °F 7.22 °C
November 22 59 °F 15 °C 44 °F 6.67 °C
November 23 59 °F 15 °C 44 °F 6.67 °C
November 24 58 °F 14.44 °C 44 °F 6.67 °C
November 25 58 °F 14.44 °C 43 °F 6.11 °C
November 26 58 °F 14.44 °C 43 °F 6.11 °C
November 27 57 °F 13.89 °C 43 °F 6.11 °C
November 28 57 °F 13.89 °C 42 °F 5.56 °C
November 29 57 °F 13.89 °C 42 °F 5.56 °C
November 30 56 °F 13.33 °C 42 °F 5.56 °C

Shanghai Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Shanghai Weather in November

Rikky 2014-02-26
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I plan to make a trip to China in November of this year, how is the air quality during November?

Hi Rikky, the China goverment is taking all measures to improve the air quality. Let's keep an optimistic view towards it. Last year, when  some of our customers were taking their trip in China in November, the weather and air quality were quite good, no worry.

Please kindly let me know your destinations in China/ number of people/class of hotel/ starting date/duration/etc. We are happy to work out an itinerary for your reference. Okay?

Whitney Liao replied on 2014-02-26
Brenda 2013-09-28
Show Answer
Hi !I''''m going to shanghai on 09-15Nov13.I know the weather it will be cold,please advise weather what is the temperature? Any suggestion for airport to hotel ? Kindly advise where is the good place for shopping or wholesale area?

Weather in November is pleasant, sunny and relatively cooler. Sometimes it rains, so an umbrella is needed. Average low and high temperature is respectively at 16 °C (60 °F) and 24 °C (75 °F). Long-sleeve shirts are suitable during the day when it is warmer, but at early morning and evening a sweater or a jacket is needed.

About transportation from Guangzhou airport to hotel in the city, please visit here:

For shopping information in Guagnzhou, please visit here:

Nora Ou replied on 2013-09-29
karen pmh 2013-08-22
Show Answer
Hi, we are having a company trip to shanghai on 31/10/13 to 5/11/13, please advise whether we should bring along winter clothing or just a normal sweater? And what is the temperature reading?

Dear Karen,
It is suggested that you bring thick sweaters and coats when you travel Shanghai during that time. The average temperature is around 10℃(50℉) - 15℃(59℉).
As a travel agency, we glad to make tour arrangement if you need. Please feel free contact me at any time.

Nancy Deng replied on 2013-08-23
Chloe 2012-11-13
Show Answer
I am visiting Shanghai from the 16th of November to the 25th of November. May I ask if bringing a winter coat (the fluffy, downy ones) is appropriate, or is it too much?
Hi Chloe. In late November,the average high temperature and low temperature are 15 °C (59 °F) and 7 °C (45 °F). There is a big gap in temperature between day and night. It is advisable to take a winter coat. Beyond that, some other winter clothes like sweaters are also recommended. Annie Wu replied on 2012-11-15
stephanie 2012-11-08
Show Answer
Hi i have question,I''m planning to go to shanghai on 10 Novemer - 20 November.I know the weather it will be cold in there,but my question is what you suggestion for shoe wear?because I don''t want to wear boots when other only wear normal shoes,thankyou
Hi Stephanie, from the former data, during November in Shanghai the weather will gradually turn into winter. There is an apparent drop in temperature between days and nights. The average low and high temperatures are, respectively, 8 °C (46 °F) and 17 °C (63 °F). It is very suitable for people to wear boots in Shanghai now, so it is a good suggestion for you to take boots with you, and recommended clothing including a long-sleeve skirt, a coat, and a sweater. Besides, if you need the tour itinerary of Shanghai, please click the link Annie Wu replied on 2012-11-09
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