Shanghai Weather in July

Weather: July is one of the hottest months in Shanghai. The temperature during the day may climb to 37 °C (98 °F). At night, the temperature can remain at around 26 °C (79 °F).

July is also the wettest month, but the city has rarely felt severe effects of heavy rains in the past. However, the surrounding areas, including Nanjing and Hangzhou, have not been as fortunate. Floods may disrupt your travel plans in these areas.

Clothing: Dress for hot and humid weather, and bring a pair of gumboots. Sunlight is very strong and can burn your skin, so bring sun cream and sunglasses.

Things to Do

Nanjing Road Nanjing Road

The indoor attractions will keep you cool and dry in the rainy monsoon summer days.

See the Bund: Along the pedestrian riverfront area, people go to see the river, the colorful lights on the old buildings, and the old colonial architecture that date from the time that the Europeans built the area.

Shop on Nanjing Road: It's the most popular shopping street, and it connects to the Bund, so you can visit both in a day. You can chose between the luxury malls and shops and smaller crowds on West Nanjing Road and the many restaurants, the variety of shops, and the huge crowds walking down East Nanjing Road. East Nanjing lights up like a bright casino area after dark.

Shanghai Museum: This is a large museum where you can keep cool while you learn about the region's history and see fine antiques that show how art, technology and style changed over time. It is one of the best in the country, and you'll marvel at the ancient artworks.

High travel season: Summer holidays for students begin this month. The city and its tourist attractions are very crowded. Hotels usually raise their prices, train tickets are sold out days before departure, and discounts on flights are impossible to obtain. Let us help you book flights and train tickets.

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Further Reading

Shanghai Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
July 1 85 °F 29.44 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
July 2 85 °F 29.44 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
July 3 86 °F 30 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
July 4 86 °F 30 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
July 5 86 °F 30 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
July 6 86 °F 30 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
July 7 87 °F 30.56 °C 75 °F 23.89 °C
July 8 87 °F 30.56 °C 75 °F 23.89 °C
July 9 87 °F 30.56 °C 75 °F 23.89 °C
July 10 87 °F 30.56 °C 75 °F 23.89 °C
July 11 88 °F 31.11 °C 75 °F 23.89 °C
July 12 88 °F 31.11 °C 76 °F 24.44 °C
July 13 88 °F 31.11 °C 76 °F 24.44 °C
July 14 88 °F 31.11 °C 76 °F 24.44 °C
July 15 88 °F 31.11 °C 76 °F 24.44 °C
July 16 89 °F 31.67 °C 76 °F 24.44 °C
July 17 89 °F 31.67 °C 76 °F 24.44 °C
July 18 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 19 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 20 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 21 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 22 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 23 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 24 89 °F 31.67 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 25 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 26 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 27 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 28 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 29 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 30 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C
July 31 90 °F 32.22 °C 77 °F 25 °C

Shanghai Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Shanghai Weather in July

Brian 2011-07-05
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what type of weather can I expect in mid february in beijeng and Shanghai
Dear Brian, Based on the former data, the temperature is -6-5°C in Beijing and 3-9°C in Shanghai. It's very cold so that you'd better take cotton padded clothes. You also can check the new information on this website before leaving for China. Click here: In addition, we specialize in designing a tailor-made China tour. There are many tour packages on our website. Click here: From April to May and from September to October, it's the best time for traveling. If you would like to travel in February, i also can arrange it. Please feel free to contact me directly as long as you have any other questions or want to book a tour in China. My e-mail address is Lussie Lu replied on 2011-07-06
Howard 2011-03-28
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How much rain should I expect for being in china July 1 through July 14 starting in Beijing and ending in shanghai.
Dear Howard, It is a rainy season in Beijing and Shanghai in July. Based on the former data, it usually rains in this period. If you would like to travel to Beijing and Shanghai in July, you'd better take an unbrella or a raincoat. In addition, if you want to book a tour, we also can arrange it for you. Please feel free to contact me and my e-mail address is There are some tour package on our website for your reference. Beijing tours: Shanghai tours: Lussie Lu replied on 2011-03-28
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