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Shanghai Weather in August

shanghai weather august

Weather: The weather does not change much from July to August. The city is stiflingly hot, and the temperature can climb to over 38 °C (100 °F), although the average is around 35 °C (95 °F). It rains a lot with occasional thunderstorms.

Clothing: Bring summer clothes, such as shorts, and an umbrella. You may also need to bring layers to manage the coolness of the air-conditioning in buildings.

Shanghai August 2013 Weather Data Graphs

shanghai weather august graphs

Things to Do


These indoor attractions are places to go to escape the crowds and be cool and dry in the sizzling days of August.

Tour and shop at the Shanghai World Financial Center

  • Tallest building in China (2013)
  • 1,614 feet (492 meters), 101 floors
  • 100th floor observation deck

Shanghai World Financial Center is the towering attraction for tourists in Pudong. Until theShanghai Tower opens in 2014, it is the highest building in Shanghai.

For sightseeing, there is an observation deck on the 100th floor at 474 meters (1,555 feet). You can look down on the nearby 88-story Jin Mao Tower. These three skyscrapers sit in a cluster next to the Pudong River in the Lujiazui financial district.

There is a mall at ground level for shopping and dining. For wealthy tourists, there is a Hyatt Regency luxury hotel. You'll find bars and restaurants in the Hyatt Regency between floors 79 to 93 where you can enjoy the view.

Super Brand Mall in Liujiazui: Take Metro Line 2 to Liujiazui to find Shanghai's best mall for tourists. The mall stands out for its cleanliness and orientation to the foreign clientele. You'll find all the foreign luxury brands in Shanghai. Get away from the crowds inside a fine restaurant or in a luxury shop.

Dine and Shop at Xintiandi: Escape the crowds by ducking in to relax at a fine shop that sells gourmet icy drinks and desserts.

High travel season: Sweltering August is a high travel month. Travel costs are higher than normal, and tourist attractions are crowded. Let us help you book flights and train tickets.

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