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Tibet Weather in November

Weather: November is a lot like winter in most of Tibet. Expect it to be well below freezing at night and cool during the day even in Lhasa. It is dry though, so it might actually feel warm to you on a sunny day. The dry air makes the solar radiation intense. In Lhasa, the minimum temperature is about –4.9 °C (23.2 °F), and the maximum temperature is about 11.2 °C (52.2 °F).

Clothing:It is best to dress in layers. Bring a coat. Wear sunglasses, and protect your skin.

Things to do:Travel outside Lhasa along the Friendship Highway such as Kathmandu, Shigatse , and Gyantze. Remember to acclimatize before heading to higher elevation places.

The famous sights in Lhasa are also open, such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, the Norbulinka, Drepung Monastery and Barkhor Square.

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Low season: Finding accommodation and booking train ticket sand Lhasa flights is easier in November. Let us help you plan a tour.