Changxing Island


Changxing Island is located between Congming Island and Pudong New District, and belongs to Baoshan District. The island is good place for a vacation with a large area of forests and fresh air. It enjoys reputations of "Clean Island", "the hometown of oranges" and "Longevity Island". Its unique natural environment and rich natural resources make Changxing Island's tourism industry fully developed. There are many attractions, such as Shanghai Orange Grove, Mongolian Village Race Track, Hanging Beads Park (Chuizhu Yuan), Shanghai Stunt Center, Xianfeng Resort, Shisha Wild Animal Park, Green Island Reed Marshes Maze and Star Island Resort & Country Club and etc.

Among the three islands, namely Changxing Island, Congming Island and Hensha Island , Changxing Island is closer to Shanghai city as it takes only half an hour by boat.

How to get there

Travelers can take bus NO.5, 51, 116, 522, 728, 848 and 849 to Wusong dock, from which you can take a ship to Changxing Island. Travelers can also take Shenchong the 2nd line of the Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge (Pudong Science and Technology Museum) to the island. Its operating hour is from 6:00 to 19:00 from the Pudong Science and Technology Museum Station to Changxing Island. The whole trip takes 20 minutes and fare is 9 Yuan.

Self-driving Tour

If travelers take off from the People Square, you can get on the North-South Elevated Yan'an Road, and transfer to Inner Ring Road, then along Yixian Elevated Road, and take off at the exit of Outer Ring Tunnel, lastly walk across Mudanjiang Road, tavellers will arrive at Wusong Dock.

If travelers prefer to get on the island with their cars, there are vehicle and passenger ferries which can carry cars. Once you reach the island, you can drive to the Orange Grove Resort to refresh your self. Just drive along Fenghuang Road, and turn left at Pan Yuan. It is just 10 minutes away by car, along the road sign.

Wusong - Changxing Island Sailing Schedule

Wusong - Changxing (Ma Jia Dock) 7.20 * 9.30 *, 12.15 *, 13.15, 15.45 *
Changxing (Ma Jia Dock) - Wusong 8.15 *, 10.30 *, 13.15 *, 15.00, 16.30 *
Wusong - Changxing (Ma Jia Dock) - Hengsha vehicle and passenger ferry 7.15, 17.15
Hengsha - Changxing (Ma Jia Dock) - Wusong vehicle and passenger ferry 10.00, 6.30
Changxing (Ma Jia Dock) - Wusong vehicle and passenger ferry 11.15, 7.30
Note: Mark "*" means the boat is a jetfoil.

Attractions:Shanghai Orange Grove

Brief introduction

The "avant-garde tangerine" grown in the grove looks bright and smooth, thin peal without pips which are very juicy and sweet tasting. Besides there are rockeries, promenades, a bonsai garden, Mongolian Village, Conch House and Guest House all within the grove. To the east gate of the grove is the bonsai garden, while the west side built the cultural promenade of citrus. Whenever late spring and early summer comes, a fragrant aroma of the white orange flowers among green leaves scatters everywhere; once in late autumn season, golden oranges hanging on the branches look very tempting. The thousand acres of citrus can give a total production of 1.75 million kilograms annually. Main varieties are early ripening, Mandarin Satsuma and navel orange, all of which are exported to abroad, like Canada, Russia and other countries and northern China, Tianjin, Shenyang, Harbin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other cities and urban fruit markets.

In addition to Changxing Island being the famous "orange town", visitors can enjoy rafting in reed marshes, as well as picking up shells on the beach, looking for crabs, or going to the riverside to enjoy the wonderful scene written in a poem by Wangbo, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, "The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky; The evening glow parallels with a lonely duck to fly "

Hanging Beads Park (Chuizhu Yuan) is located in Xianfei Village on Changxing Island, featuring the style of the classical garden known in southern China. The park covers an area of 1,000 acres, mostly by orange trees. It is the best place for picking oranges in the autumn.
Shanghai Orangerie Resort is located in Qianwei Farm, in the central part of Changxing Island. It covers an area of 360 acres, with villas, swimming pools, squash halls, rock climbing, karting and other fitness and entertainment facilities in it. Since the 1980s the Orange Art Festival has been held on the farm each autumn, attracting tens of thousands of admiring visitors.


It is located on the Qianwei Farm of Changxing Island.

Special Distinction

Orange Art Festival is held each Autumn in the grove, which attracts tens of thousands of admiring visitors, viewing the golden autumn and tasting oranges. It has become one of the hottest Shanghai tourism destinations and the country's largest production base of citrus. It is also a demonstration and research base of citrus production in east China and Shanghai's largest "green goods" production base.

How to get there

Travelers can charter a taxi or a minivan to get here.

Questions and Answers About Changxing Island

Michael 2014-03-11
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Can you get me contact number or e-mail address for the Best Bar in Changxing Town please
Hi Michael, 0572-6309898 is the contact number of the Suhe Bar苏荷酒吧. But we don't have its email address. Sorry. Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-12
laura belle christi 2010-10-13
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my son is going to work there how is the shopping and is there a wal mart close
Hi Laura, There is no big market like Wal-mart on the Changxing Island. It will be not convenient for your shopping there, but it is easy for you to get to Pudong area from the island. The transporation is very convenient. You can know more abourt the transporation information on this website Coco Coco Yang replied on 2010-10-14
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