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Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area

As the most famed one of the four well-known mountains in Guangdong, Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area is the tourist attraction where you can not only appreciate the natural scenery but also feel strong religious atmosphere. It is composed of more than 10 mountains involving Dinghu, Sanbao, Fenglai, Jilong, Fuhu, Qingshi Mountains and Shizi Mountain Range. The main peak – Jilong Mountain, which is at the elevation of 1000.8 meters, is the highest both in the scenic area and in the Pearl River Delta Area. Built in 1633, Qingyun Temple is one of the four renowned temples in Lingnan area for it is frequently visited by people. The scenic area enjoys picturesque scenery and thick forests. There is a lush forest with an area of 4000 hectares. There live birds of over 170 types, beasts of 30 types and snacks of 20 types.

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