The Best Temples in Beijing

The hassle of the holidays often leaves tourists worn out with early mornings starts and a full day run-around. For those seeking some peace and serenity Beijing offers this and much more at its numerous and diverse Taoist and Buddhist temples.

7. Fahai Temple

Conveniently located by the Pingguoyuan Subway Station, Fahai Temple lures visitors with a combination of history and culture. Built in 1439 the temple offers numerous historical artifacts and statues still intact and preserved. There are also the murals painted by the temple's former artisans, some of these paintings are nearly 500 years old. A national treasure, Fahai Temple is another intriguing temple visit.

6. Jietai Temple

A semi-distant twenty five kilometers outside the center of the city, nestled tightly within the mist of the Ma’an Mountains lies the hidden gem of the Beijing temple scene, Jietai Temple. Either have a ride most of the way up or enjoy the hike up the mountainside by foot. Take in the vast surrounding vistas then experience the temple itself. Worship at the temple’s altar, explore the courtyard and Tianwang Hall, or simply take some digital memories of the experience.

5. The Temple of the Sun

ritan park

The five-hundred-year-old Temple of the Sun has been open to the public for fifty years. Half temple and half park, it offers the best of both worlds. The Holy Warehouse and Holy Kitchen sit juxtaposed across the scenic Yuxin Garden. Tourists can traverse the winding pavilions and arch bridges that intertwine round the 4,700-square-meter lake. For visitors looking to optimize their visit to Beijing, this site is a two in one: temple and park.

4. White Cloud Taoist Temple

White Cloud Temple

One of the oldest and largest temples not just in Beijing but in China, White Cloud Taoist Temple has 30 true and devout resident monks on hand daily. Add in over a thousand years of history and tourists have a perfect locale for visits during temple fairs. This government protected and internationally revered temple welcomes guest both devout and secular.

3. Tanzhesi Temple

The oldest and largest temple in Beijing, Tanzhesi Temple is believed to be older than the city of Beijing itself. Fragrant flora, park-like vistas, “Zhe” trees, the Dragon Lake and of course the massive temple itself, this is worship on a massive scale, experience it at Tanzhesi Temple.

2. Lama Temple

lama temple

The Lama Temple is one of Beijing’s most famous temples (second only to The Temple of Heaven). Its 300-hundred-year history is eclipsed in scope only by its massive statues and imperial architecture. Whether visitors simply take in the vista, or pray with real life monks, Lama Temple offers it all.

1. The Temple of Heaven

the temple of heaven

Popularized in fiction and film, The Temple of Heaven more than lives up to its name. There’s of course the six hundred years of history, but beyond that tourist can also enjoy the kite flying at the temple. One can tour the surrounding florally lavish parks. It not only offers tai chi performances but the opportunity to learn a thing or two as well. Enjoy the most famous of the famous temples in Beijing at The Temple of Heaven.

See the Best of Beijing's Temples with Us

Experiencing these temples offers insight into the current state and culture of China. For these and so much more in Beijing hit the jump to our Beijing Tours because no one covers Beijing and China with the combination of experience and flexibility of China Highlights.

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