Beijing Weather in May

Weather: Rainfall is still low this month. It is warm during the day and cool at night.

Clothing: A T-shirt and a light jacket is enough to cope with the weather.

the great wallthe Great Wall

Things to Do

May is a good season to go to see flowers in Beijing, and also one of the best times to visit the Great Wall, among the lush vegetation. See our Great Wall tours.

Jindong Grand Canyon: Of all the treats in Beijing few compare to the Jingdong Grand Canyon’s scope. An enormous expanse swallows the gaze of visitors and echoes with the awe and amazement that slips out of their dropped jaws. Located in the Pinggu area of Beijing, this beautiful,breathtaking and an overall worthy excursion is a better bet in May.

Shijingshan Amusement Park: Why travel to Beijing just to visit an amusement park? Because it is colorful, entertaining, uniquely Chinese andduring May the weather is perfect to enjoy the water rides, that aren’tavailable in April yet avoiding the intense outdoor heat of June. Located in the Shijingshan district of Beijing the park offers live shows, family oriented restaurants and nighttime entertainment make this the perfect May destination for family and friends alike.

beijing botanical gardenBeijing Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden: May time isn't just play time in Beijing. It's a time to “go Botanical”. So much is encompassed in Beijing’s Botanical Garden,the largest of its type in Asia: Long Jiao Temple, Reclining Buddha Temple, Exhibition Green houses and so much more. And with floral life at its peak in May, no time is better to visit this garden, a stone’s throw away from Fragrant Hill in Hai dian District.

Be aware: May marks the beginning of the busy travel season, but flights, hotels, and tourist attractions don't get more expensive until later in the year, in the peak travel season from June to October. However, May 1 to 3 is the Labor Day holiday, when hotel rates are often higher than usual, and tourist attractions are crowded. If you plan to travel during this period, you are advised to book everything in advance.

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Beijing Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
May   1 74 °F 23.33 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
May   2 75 °F 23.89 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
May   3 75 °F 23.89 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
May   4 75 °F 23.89 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
May   5 76 °F 24.44 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
May   6 76 °F 24.44 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
May   7 76 °F 24.44 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
May   8 77 °F 25 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
May   9 77 °F 25 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
May   10 77 °F 25 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
May   11 78 °F 25.56 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
May   12 78 °F 25.56 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
May   13 78 °F 25.56 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
May   14 79 °F 26.11 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
May   15 79 °F 26.11 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
May   16 79 °F 26.11 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
May   17 80 °F 26.67 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
May   18 80 °F 26.67 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
May   19 80 °F 26.67 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
May   20 81 °F 27.22 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
May   21 81 °F 27.22 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
May   22 81 °F 27.22 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
May   23 81 °F 27.22 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
May   24 82 °F 27.78 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
May   25 82 °F 27.78 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
May   26 82 °F 27.78 °C 59 °F 15 °C
May   27 83 °F 28.33 °C 59 °F 15 °C
May   28 83 °F 28.33 °C 59 °F 15 °C
May   29 83 °F 28.33 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
May   30 83 °F 28.33 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
May   31 83 °F 28.33 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C

Beijing Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Beijing Weather in May

Heidi Bailey 2014-03-06
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Would you consider May or September to be better time to visit Beijing. Which month is less crowded and has better weather?
Hi Heidi, both May and Sep. are the peak tourist season. There may be sand storm in May, so September is better. Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-07
Anita 2013-01-14
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Hello , I will be visting Beijing during the Spring festival. During this time I am going completely solo. Are there any activities during the festival in Beijing, and is it also possible to go to other places (like any mountain/nature places) to visit during this time? Or is all the traffic stopped during this time due to the Festival?

Hi Anita, yes, there will be some activities held in some parks such as the Temple of Earth, Chaoyang Park, Happy Valley, etc. Yes, you can go to other places during this time. The traffic will run as usual.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-01-16
mer villamor 2013-01-03
Show Answer
We are planning to go to Beijing. Which is better month to visit Beijing last week of March 2013 or 2nd week of May 2013. It is our first time to visit Beijing, hence quite excited. thank you for the information
Hi Mer, it is good season to visit Beijing on both of two months but I recommend the month of May after I compared them. May is a good season to go to see flowers in Beijing, and also one of the best times to visit the Great Wall, among the lush vegetation. Lily Lee replied on 2013-01-03
craig 2012-12-19
Show Answer
thinking about coming to beijing either jan 23rd or march 12th which is better
Dear Sir or Madam, In the end of Jan. the temperature is about -9℃ to 2℃(15.8-35.6℉), it is about 0-10℃(32-51℉)in middle of March. In my opinion, it is better to travel to Beijing in March. Here are some tour packages for your reference. Please click: Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in our service, I am glad to arrange a tour for you. My e-mail: Lussie Lu replied on 2012-12-20
Philip Ooi 2012-05-10
Show Answer
Night life in Beijing? Does the night life really stopped after 9.00pm? Places for food, after 9.00 pm?
Dear Philip Ooi, No. Generally speaking, the night life in Beijing often lasts until 11pm. You can visit the website to get more information. Candice Song replied on 2012-05-13
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