Taiwan Transportation

Direct Flights

For travelers between Taiwan and Mainland China, there are direct flights between the two regions. Direct flights are a relatively new thing. In 2008, the two sides agreed to direct flights between the mainland and Taiwan. There are now more than 550 flights a week across the Straits.

There are direct flights from Taipei to about 100 cities in China offered by many airlines including non-Chinese or non-Taiwanese ones.

Let us help you plan your direct flight!

Ferry Service

For travelers between Taiwan and Mainland China, there are direct ferry services and flights between the two regions. Travel between Mainland China and Taiwan is increasing rapidly since 2001 when three ferry ports on three Taiwanese islands in the Straits were opened to ferry service to Mainland China and Fujian Province. These ferry ports are on Kinmen Island, Matsu Island and Penghu Island.

In 2011, there were about about 1.38 million passenger trips on these cross-Straits ferries. And the number of passengers is increasing by more than 10 percent per year.

The available ferry routes and the prefered method of travel changes almost every year, so you'll need to research beforehand about available services and procedures. However, foreign tourists have difficulty planning their travel and buying tickets because the web pages and information call-in services are mainly in Mandarin or Cantonese.

So let us help you plan your inter-Taiwan-China trip.

Xiamen-Keelung, Xiamen to Taichung Ferry Service

Direct ferries depart from the Xiamen International Cruise Center in Xiamen (on a small island off the coast of China) to Keelung (a port on the outskirts of the Taipei metro area) or Taichung (a city on the west coast of Taiwan).

Most tourists to Taipei or the western coastal cities of Taiwan will probably find this service the most convenient because it is a direct trip without transfers at an island.

Fares: 510 RMB (80 USD) for standard cabin. 60 passengers share a bathroom.

620 RMB (98 USD or £62) for a luxury cabin. 16 passengers share a bathroom.

690 RMB (109 USD, £70, or ~3,500 NTD) for a Superior Luxury Cabin. 6 passengers share a private bathroom.

Notice: Details about procedures to buy tickets, service times, when to buy the tickets, or making reservations change frequently. It said if there are not enough passengers at any departure time, the ferry won't leave. So check with us, and let us help you plan your trip.

Fuzhou to Matsu Island Ferry

There is ferry service between Fuzhou (the capital of Fujian Province in China) to Matsu Island (about 50 km east). The ferry costs RMB 350 (55 USD).

Xiamen and Quanzhou to Kinmen Island Ferry

There are also ferry services between Xiamen and Quanzhou on the mainland and the Taiwanese Kinmen Island.

Long-Distance Bus

Taiwanese intercity buses are known for their comfort and cleanliness. There are both government-run and private bus companies that offer intercity bus services.

Taipei and Taichung: Dragon Bus and Taichung Bus offer bus service between Taipei and Taichung. The cost is about about 210 (7 USD) to 270 NTD depending on the day.

Taichung to Kaohsiung: Taichung Bus offers bus service from Taichung to Kaohsiung. The cost is about 210 (7 USD) to 270 NTD depending on the day.

The Taiwan tourist shuttle is a government organized travel service that is available for tourists. Their buses connect with many of the major train stations, and they offer direct services to many of the tourist sites. You may be able to find their English language route guides at tourist information desks or at the bus stations.

Driving on the Highway and Road Network

Taiwan has a modern highway and road network, and most signs are written both in English and Chinese, so this makes driving easier with those with a valid drivers license.

There are 901 kilometers of national highway, 4,700 kilometers of provincial highway, and a total of 21,000 kilometers of highways and freeways in general.

Since urban driving can be chaotic and there is heavy traffic, it is suggested that foreign tourists drive mainly in the countryside between cities unless they have a lot of experience driving in Taiwan.


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Questions and Answers About Taiwan Transportation

Sergei 2013-11-11
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Hi, I`m Russian. I would like to visit Penghu islands in april next year for kite surfing. Is any ferry boat from fujiang province in china (from xiamen or fuzhou) to Magun? If yes please advice how many hours It takes and how is possible to buy tickets? In case I will apply for china visa is It neccesary to apply for taiwan visa also?
Hi Sergei, I didn't find any informaiton regarding the boat from Mainland China to Magun. China Visa won't allow you to Taiwan, so you will need a separate Visa to Taiwan. Simon Huang replied on 2013-11-11
elgin 2013-10-19
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Hi, i am arriving at Taoyuan international airport on 3rd november. May i know what is the fastest transportation from the airport to Go Sleep Hotel in Xining (108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Xiníng South Rd). Really appreciate the help. Thank you

You  can take the airport shuttle bus to your hotel.

Lily Guo replied on 2013-10-20
zena 2013-10-10
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Hi,am from kenya living in xiamen i want to come to taiwan will u guide me how will i reach there for only 1 week the visa will be on arrival?where in xiamen i can get transport

You have to go to the Embassy to apply one Taiwan visa, Kenya is not on the list of  the arrival visa applying.

Lily Guo replied on 2013-10-12
Alanna 2013-09-20
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I want to take the ferry from Matsu Island to Fuzhou. Can I purchase the ferry ticket in advance, and if so, where can I buy them? If not, can I buy the ticket on the boat?

You can purchase the ferry ticket at the port or ask the local agency in Taiwan to purchase the ticket for you in advance.

Ruby Zhao replied on 2013-09-20
Clerissa Visser 2013-09-17
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您好, 我想去台湾从厦门。最便宜的办法是什么?I will be travelling from Xiamen on the 13th of December.

Hi Clerissa, it seems you have only one option and that is to take the flight. If you want us to book the flight for you, pleaes put your enquiry from our website at http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-flights/

Simon Huang replied on 2013-09-17
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