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Great Wall Maps — Where the Great Wall Is and Was

Our Great Wall maps cover the locations of all Great Wall sections in China, with more detail for Beijing.

Detailed maps for touring cover the famous sections near Beijing, and the sections at Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan.

Ancient wall maps are provided for historical purposes, as most pre-Ming-Dynasty Great Wall has disappeared or is poorly preserved.

All Ming Great Wall Sections Map

great wall of china map

The Great Wall of China in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) started from Jiayuguan at Ming China's northwest frontier and ended in Hushan on its Manchu/Korean border, crossing nine provinces and municipalities. The Ming Great Wall was over 8,500 km (5,200 mi) long.

Beijing Great Wall Sections Travel Map

The Great Wall north of Beijing is about 628 km (390 mi), and split into many sections. The famous sections include Badaling, Jiankou and Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai. The diagram below shows which Great Wall sections north of Beijing can be visited/hiked together, with times.

Read more about the Great Wall sections around Beijing and the rest of China.

Times to and between beijing's great wall sections

Location Maps of Famous Great Wall Sections Near Beijing

mutianyu great wall location map

jinshanling location map

jiankou map

simatai Great Wall location map

badaling location map

Other Beijing Great Wall Section Maps

water pass location map

huanghuacheng great wall

The Baimaguan Great Wall Section

gubeikou location map

huangyaguan tourism map

Great Wall Maps for Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan

jiayuguan tourism map

The Overhanging Great Wall

shanhaiguan location map

Laolongtou Great Walll Section Map

Great Wall History Maps

The "Great Wall" was built from the (Pre-) Warring States Period (about 600 BC) to the Ming Dynasty. During the Warring States Period, seven states built their own defensive walls.

The northern state walls were linked in the Qin Dynasty to form the first true Great Wall. China's northern border wall changed location greatly in subsequent dynasties though some sections were reused.

Click below for more on the Great Wall in key dynasties and states. Maps run from the most recent Ming Great Wall back in time:

map of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall

Northern Qi Dynasty Great Wall Map

The Han Dynasty Great Wall Map

Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty Map

The Warring States

For more on the Warring States "Great Wall" sections read Great Wall History.  

The Zhao State Great Wall Map

The Yan State Great Wall Map

The Wei State

The Qi State “Great Wall” Map

The Chu State Great Wall Map