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Hangzhou Weather in April

Weather: April's weather is pleasant. It is much warmer and less rainy than March. The average daily high temperature is 21 °C (70 °F), and the average low temperature is 12 °C (54 °F). It rains about half of the days of the month, and there is about 127 mm of total precipitation.

Clothing: Jackets and light sweaters are enough for dealing with the weather, and long-sleeve shirts are good during the day when it warms up. Wear waterproof shoes for walking in wet weather. Remember an umbrella or rain gear when rain is likely. Check the current weather and forecast>>

Things to Do in Hangzhou in April

April is a nice time to travel to Hangzhou. Flowers bloom in the parks, and you can enjoy the outdoor attractions when the weather is comfortable.

west lake West Lake at night

Enjoy West Lake

Flowers bloom at West Lake Park gardens in April. The park is Hangzhou's large "playground" that covers 63 square kilometers or 23 square miles. The lake itself is 15 kilometers or 9 miles in circumference. In April you can enjoy the verdant green trees and foliage on the hills around the lake. The pink peach trees in the park bloom until the middle of April. There are numerous benches along the shore where you can see the scenery or read.

Both bikes and boats are available for rent. Many people just want to walk around the lake. Entertainers and musicians perform in the park. The park is so popular that it is hard to find a place to be alone, and it is especially busy on holidays and weekends.

Enjoy a meal at a Westlake restaurant: After a walk or exercise, one can find quality Chinese restaurants in the West Lake (Xihu) district near the lake. A pedestrian shopping street popular with tourists called Qinghefang is only a kilometer away from the lake. Qinghefang and the streets adjacent to it have many restaurants, snack shops, coffee shops, and tea houses.

Hike on Moganshan

Moganshan is a mountain near Hangzhou that has long been a favorite retreat for both Chinese government leaders and foreigners. It is especially popular in sweltering Hangzhou summers, but in April, you can enjoy the spring scenery with fewer crowds and have a refreshing extended stay in one of the hotels or villas.

The mountain is high enough so that the weather is appreciably cooler. The main peak is called Ta Shan, and it is 724 meters high or 2,375 feet high. It is a good place to hike for a day, drink the locally grown tea on the tea farms, and get bargains on tea. The old houses and villas built by foreigners a hundred years ago or more are interesting to see.


Hangzhou shopping: Hangzhou is well known for creating excellent silks and satin, and the region produces good quality tea. The products of China's high technology manufacturing are abundant in various stores, markets, and malls in the commercial center.

Hangzhou has luxurious shopping malls at Hangzhou Tower and Hubin International Boutique where you can buy the best of Chinese or foreign products. The people in Hangzhou are one of the top five consumers of luxury goods in the Mainland despite Hangzhou's relatively small size. The Hubin International Boutique is the top fashion clothing mall that includes many international brand name luxury stores.

Touring Hangzhou in April

Shoulder Travel Season

April is a good time to visit Hangzhou. The weather is comfortable and often sunny, and the large tourist crowds of the peak travel season don't arrive until the end of the month. The prices for hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets are moderate most of the month too, and transportation is convenient except for the end of the month. Travel and tourism increases just before the May 1 public holidays.

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Recommended Tour Packages

2-day Hangzhou tour: We visit West Lake Park, Six Harmonies Pagoda, and other city attractions. You could modify the tour as you wish while booking.

8-day Shanghai and Hangzhou regional tour: Travel, sightsee, dine, and shop at several cities during a big loop around the region. See the towns and cities of Hangzhou, Huangshan, Shanghai, and Suzhou. Ancient capital cities, the scenic Huangshan Mountain, and the ancient Grand Canal are on the itinerary. 

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