Macau Weather

Macau has a humid subtropical climate, with an average humidity of between 75% and 95%. The annual average temperature is around 22 °C (about 72 °F). July is the warmest month, and the temperature that month averages about 28.6 °C (about 83.5 °F). The coolest month is January, with an average temperature of 14.5 °C (about 58 °F). The rainy season extends from April to September, and during this period the island is victim to typhoons. Typhoon season extends from April to October.

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Spring in Macau is from March to May. It is warm during this time, and the average temperature during the day is 22 °C (71.6 °F). A T-shirt with long sleeves may be the best choice for you to stay comfortable. You'd be better to put on a sweater at night to stay warm as the temperature may drop a little.


Summer in Macau starts with June and ends with August. This season is the hottest among the four seasons in Macau. It is sunny most of the time and rains occasionally. The average summer temperature is 28 °C (82 °F) during the day, but may drop to about 25 °C (77 °F) at night. The sunshine is very strong, so sunscreen and an umbrella are necessary to protect you from getting sunburn. A dress or a mini-skirt is recommended when outdoors.


Macau's autumn lasts from September to November. The temperature is cooler than during the summer, and the average temperature this season is 23 °C (73.4 °F). Long-sleeve shirts and a sweater are recommended for this season. Autumn marks the busiest travel season of the year for Macau. Many tourists may visit Macau during the National Day holiday to appreciate the foreign-style buildings and to see the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral.


Winter in Macau is from December to February, when it is cold but not freezing. The average temperature during the winter is 15 °C (59 °F). A coat and a pair of jeans are needed for this season, which marks the low travel season. During the winter, the city is less crowded.

Macau Climate Information by Month

Macau Average Climate by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (ºC) 18 18 21 25 29 31 32 32 30 28 24 20
Low (ºC) 13 14 17 20 24 27 27 27 26 23 19 14
Rain (mm) 21.59 39.37 59.69 143.51 214.63 237.49 217.17 255.27 2.54 74.93 25.4 21.59
High (ºF) 64 64 69 76 83 87 89 89 86 82 75 67
Low (ºF) 55 56 61 68 75 79 80 80 78 73 65 57
Rain (in) 0.85 1.55 2.35 5.65 8.45 9.35 8.55 10.05 0.1 2.95 1 0.85

Macau Average Monthly Temperatures

Macau Average Monthly Temperatures

Macau Average Monthly Precipitation (inches)

Macau Average Monthly Precipitation

Questions and Answers About Macau Weather

Jenny 2014-03-18
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Hi, I am planning to travel to Macau from 6th to 8th June. May I know how''s the weather like for early June?
Hi Jenny, as a travel agency, we could not predict the exact weathfeier infomation for a certain days. From the previous record, the temperature would be 19 to 24-32°C. Summer clothes would do.  Hope it helps.  Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-19
Lenna 2013-11-23
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Hi I''ll be in Macau this Nov28 to Dec1. I brought some dress and skirts with me. Would I be needing tights? Or keeping the upper body warm would be enough? Thank you!
Hi Lenna, November cools down and the average maximum temperature is about 23°C (73°F), while the average minimum temperature is 17°C (62°F). It rarely rains during this month, so the days are a little dry. Though the wind occasionally blows, the weather is generally mild. A light sweater or jacket is adequate, but you may also need a light coat in case the weather become cold. Simon Huang replied on 2013-11-23
Kara rodriguez 2013-09-16
Show Answer
Hi!! My hubby and I are bound to macau dec. 23-26.. What type of clothes should we bring?? Do we need to bring scarfs and jackets?? Any events during this dates?

Dear Kara,
Thanks for your question. It is cold but not freezing in December. The average temperature during that time is around 15 °C (59 °F). A coat and a pair of jeans are needed. Most things in shopping malls are on sale during Christmas day.

Nancy Deng replied on 2013-09-17
lina 2013-08-19
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we''re visiting macau on the 22nd of september, can you check with your record if the country was hit by typhoon on the same date last year?

Hi Lina,

This is Christy from China Highlights Travel.

Weather is out of our control. We did not receive any record on Sept 22. Date on website is based on average condition. But it is the high season from June to September. Temperature is 86ºF-78ºF. Enjoy your trip!

Christy Luo replied on 2013-08-20
Roy Adam 2013-08-13
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Hello, my name is Roy. Currently I''m at Macau for vacation. i''ve been 2 days here and according to my plan, i''m going to hong kong today. However, as I woke up in the morning, the typhoon that predicted by my hotel receptionist would occurs at 12 am - 3 am is still blowing til now. So, my question is, how long does the typhoon usually occurs? Because I would be very sad if my Hong kong schedule is ruined. Thank you

Dear Roy,
It is hard to how long the typhoon occurs, but it normally occurs in summer time.
Good luck.

Nancy Deng replied on 2013-08-14
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