Taiwan Weather in January

Weather: January is the coldest month of the year in Taiwan, but given its geographical location it is never too cold. Average low and high temperatures are 13 °C (55 °F) and 16 °C (61 °F). January is the month to see plum blossoms.

Bring an umbrella as it rains sometimes. In the south it is usually sunny and warm, while in the north it is often cloudy and windy.

Clothing: In the early morning and evening you may need a light sweater and a jacket, but during the day when it is warmer, a long-sleeve shirt will do. Wearing layers is most convenient. Mountainous areas are quite cold and you may need a down jacket.

Things To Do

ChineseNew Year: This traditional holidays usually occurs in late January or earlyor mid-February. It is the greatest and longest holiday festival in Taiwan. It is a 4-day national holiday generally.

In the streets, see lion dances, temple fairs, and displaysof lanterns. In the air above Taipei, on the night of the full moon, watch the thousands of lit lanterns fly up in the Taipei Lantern Fair.

Bask in Beitou Geothermal Valley: In Beitou Park, the warm sulfuric water of the valley is a wonder to see and smell. Though you are on the outskirts of a bustling metropolis, you can enjoy watching the water bubble up and the steamy mists float away. For a little expense you can bathe in a hot spring bath. Beitou Hot Spring Museum is free.

Skiing: Hit the ski resort on Yushan Mountain. It is the second tallest mountain in Taiwan with a 3,886 meter (12,750 feet) high peak.

Snow Scenery: Yushan Mountain has big forests and alpine scenery to enjoy.

Shilin Night Market: Eating hot food is a fine way to spend a cold evening. Shilin has the biggest night market in Taipei, and it is known mainly for the variety of food. There is a big covered cooked food market, many restaurants, and many street vendors offering snacks. See how many of Taiwan's favorite foods, beverages and desserts you can eat.

Travel: The Spring Festival period is the busiest travel time all over the country. Tickets for flights to Taiwan and between Taiwan and China may be difficult to get. Let us help you book flights.

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Questions and Answers About Taiwan Weather in January

Katherine Dai 2014-01-02
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Hi, what footwear should I wear in January?
Dear Katherine, It is not too cold and you could wear boots or casual shoes. Please make sure they are waterproof as it rains frequently during that period. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-01-03
Betty Lim 2014-01-01
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HI I''M GOING ON 6/1/2014 ,WHAT TYPE of CLOTHING should bring! regard Betty
Dear Betty, The temperature will ranges from 11℃(51.8℉)-20℃(68℉), it will be cloudy. I suggest you take some thick coats or thin padded clothes. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-01-01
Shirley 2013-07-17
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Thinking of visiting Taiwan during CNY next year. what will d weather n temperatures be like? Also will shops be opened if want to shop?
Dear Shirley, In Taiwan, it is not too cold every year, even in winter. The coldest season is in January, the average temperature is about 8-15℃(46.4-59℉), you could take a cotton padded clothes. From Mar. to May, it is in Spring, you could take some shirts and coats, and from Sep. to Dec. is in autumn, take some T-shirts and shorts. In July and Aug. typhoon comes frequently and you'd better avoid this period for traveling. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-07-17
Margaret Wee 2013-01-13
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Hi, Will b visiting Taiwan on the 17th Jan, where to see plum blosssom.TqMargaret Wee

Hi Margaret, Yangming Mountain is an excellent place.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-01-14
Emily Yap 2012-12-19
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Hi, I am going to taipei from 2nd Jan to 8th Jan. Will it rain during this period.Plan to go Sun moon Lake from 2nd to 3th Jan.
Dear Sir or Madam, Based on the information from the weather forecast, the average is about 15-18℃(59-64.4℉)in seven days and it will rain. I am not sure if it rain in Jan. 2-8. I suggest you check the new information on this website before leaving for Taipei. Please click: http://www.weather.com.cn/en/weather/101340101.shtml Lussie Lu replied on 2012-12-20
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