Zhangjiajie Weather

Zhangjiajie is located at a north middle latitude, which gives the area a temperate climate. Temperatures rarely exceed 37 °C (98 °F) or fall below 4 °C (39 °F). The average annual temperature is around 16 °C (61 °F) and rainfall is fairly well distributed throughout the year. Zhangjiajie, in central Asia, sits within the continental tropical monsoon climate zone known for its humidity. This zone experiences clear distinctions between the four seasons and provides a comfortable climate for tourists. The best time to visit Zhangjiajie is between April and October, and the best attractions to see during this period are Jinbian Brook, Tianzi Mountain, and Yuanjiajie, which are all located in Zhangjiajie national park. We recommend that you spend at least two days to tour them all.


The average temperature in Zhangjiajie during the spring is 18 °C (64 °F), so long sleeves with a jacket and jeans are suggested. People say that it is sprintgime in Zhangjiajie all year around.


Summer is cool in Zhangjiajie, with an average temperature of around 27 °C (81 °F). The forest in Zhangjiajie national park releases 8,660 cubic meters of oxygen every day during the summer, so you’ll be breathing the cleanest air in the world.


Like other attractions, the best times to visit Zhangjiajie are the summer and autumn, but we suggest that you avoid the Labor Day holiday (1st May~7th May) and the National Day holiday (1st October~7th October). During these times, many Chinese tourists visit Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang, and the prices for tours and hotels increase by 50%~100%.

The average temperature in Zhangjiajie during the autumn is 20 °C (68 °F), so bring a light sweater and trousers.


Winter in Zhangjiajie is cold. The average temperature is 4.3 °C (40 °F), and sometimes it gets very windy. We suggest that you bring a coat and an umbrella.

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Questions and Answers About Zhangjiajie Weather

Mrs Goh 2013-11-12
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We will be in Zhangjiajie from 21 - 27 Nov. Please advise on (1) weather, (2) cloths needed, (3) do we need an umbrella and (4) do 4/5 star hotels provide 24 heating and hot water.
Hi Goh, the average temperature is 20 °C (68 °F. In late November, the weather turns wintery and the average temperature falls to about 13 °C (55 °F). Clothing: In the beginning of the month autumn clothing is adequate, but towards the end bring winter clothing, such as sweaters and a down coat. Since it also rains less and the weather is dry, have soothing moisturizer on hand. It is wise to take umbrella as no one can tell you it will rain or not. 5 star hotels usually provide 24 heating and hot water but not all 4-star hotel do. Wish you a nice trip to Zhangjiajie. Simon Huang replied on 2013-11-12
Kathy Chan 2013-07-12
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Hi, I m planning to visit zhangjiajie in mid Dec. will it rain during that period ? If it is raining, it will not be comfortable to enjoy the scenery as floors are slippery. What is yr advice?
Dear Kathy, During that period, the average temperature is about 6-9℃(42.8-48.2℉), it is cold and it usually rains. It is not comfortable for traveling. I suggest you travel there in Sep. or Oct.. It is cool and not rains frequently. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-07-13
MK 2012-11-22
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I am MK. We have 11 peoples travelling to Zhangjiajie from Guangzhou. We will arrive a Guangzhou on the 8th Dec 2012 and will like to tavel o train to ZZJ on the 8th Dec. Can I know I can I go about securig 11 train tickets ?
Thanks for your reply. Is there a reputable agent who could help us purchase the tranin tickets ? What will be the cost ? guest replied on 2012-11-24
Hi MK, we can book it for you. The price is CNY644 for soft sleeper, CNY420 for hard sleeper. The duration is about 14hrs. Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-25

Hi MK, I suggest that you book or purchase the tickets in advance. There may not be enough tickets left after you arrive in Guangzhou.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-11-22
darla 2012-11-22
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Hi. Mu husband and I will be at Zhangjiajie from Dec 11-15. Does snow fall heavily during this period? Will we still be able to see the scenic spots?
Dear Sir or Madam, During that period, I am not sure if it will snow, but it will be so cold, the temperature wil be lower than 10℃(50℉). You'd better take some warm clothes, such as down jacket or cotton padded clothes. In downtown, it won't snow and in the mountain area, there will be light snow in general. It won't affact traveling. If you need to have a tour, I am glad to arrange an itinerary for you. Here are some tour packages for reference. Please click: http://www.chinahighlights.com/zhangjiajie/tours.htm Lussie Lu replied on 2012-11-23
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