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Chengdu Weather in August

Weather: August is as hot as July. The average maximum temperature during the month is 30 °C (86 °F), and the average minimum temperature is about 22 °C (72 °F). Sunny days are scorching. August also sees the second highest amount of rainfall (201 mm) of all months of the year, and it rains most days of the month. But don't worry about typhoons and thunderstorms, because Chengdu is seldom influenced by such bad weather. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Summer clothing such as T-shirts and shorts or miniskirts are appropriate. Take an umbrella in case it rains.

Things to Do

sanxingdui museum in guanghanA bronze sculpture in Sanxingdui Musuem.

Sanxingdui Museum: Along with the pandas and natural scenic attractions, Chengdu's museums about the Sanxingdui culture are top tourist attractions. The civilization flourished from about 3,200 to 3,000 years ago, then it disappeared and was forgotten until 1986 when this site was discovered. It is about 40 kilometers from Chengdu's city center. It is easy to reach, and the reward is seeing astounding art and bronze sculptures. They are some of the biggest and best preserved in existence from that time in history. It is amazing and strange art; see photos>>

Keep cool at the world's biggest mall:The New Century Global Center opened in September 2013. It has become one of Chengdu's main tourist attractions. It is one of the world's biggest buildings. There is an indoor water park, wave machine, and its own sandy beach! Foreign luxury brand boutiques have not moved in, but you'll find middle-priced stores with Chinese brands, hotels, and indoor entertainment such an ice skating rink and theaters.

August is a low travel month.

Since it is hot and there are no major holidays in August, travelers in Chengdu are relatively few. Scenic spots are not crowded, and you can find good discounts on hotel rooms and flight/train tickets.

China Highlights Tours

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Further Reading

Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
August   186 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   286 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   386 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   486 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   586 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   686 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   786 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   886 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   986 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   1086 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   1185 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   1285 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   1385 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   1485 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
August   1585 °F29.44 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   1685 °F29.44 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   1785 °F29.44 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   1885 °F29.44 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   1984 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   2084 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   2184 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
August   2284 °F28.89 °C69 °F20.56 °C
August   2383 °F28.33 °C69 °F20.56 °C
August   2483 °F28.33 °C69 °F20.56 °C
August   2583 °F28.33 °C69 °F20.56 °C
August   2683 °F28.33 °C69 °F20.56 °C
August   2782 °F27.78 °C69 °F20.56 °C
August   2882 °F27.78 °C68 °F20 °C
August   2982 °F27.78 °C68 °F20 °C
August   3082 °F27.78 °C68 °F20 °C
August   3181 °F27.22 °C68 °F20 °C

Chengdu Climate Information by Month