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Chengdu Weather in December

Weather: December is cold during the daytime and very cold at night. The average high temperature is around 11 °C (52 °F), and the average low temperature is 5 °C (41 °F). December is the driest month in Chengdu with only 5 mm of total rainfall, but it's not as dry as some big northern Chinese cities in winter. It may snow in the mountains, and the sun rarely shines. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Bring warm clothing like a thick sweater and an overcoat if you plan to be outside for a long time. Also wear gloves and a hat or scarf to avoid catching a cold.

Things to Do

Many tourist attractions are not at their best during December, but you can go to Xiling Snow Mountain and Longchi Forest Park to see the beautiful snowy scenery. Xiling's ski season generally starts in January.

panda breeding and research centre  deliciousA giant panda in the Panda Reserve.

For Panda Lovers: The Panda Reserve is the top spot in China to see pandas. It is among the top three favorite places tourists and their children like. Adults and children like to cuddle with the big teddy bear creatures. It is a big place to walk around in, so bring a coat if it is a chilly day.

The red pandas might fascinate you. They are bigger than cats, but smaller than the big black and white ones, and they are beautiful. These are creatures you may never have seen on TV or video.

Keep warm enjoying the local hot cuisine: Perhaps it is the gloomy cold weather that inspired Sichuan-style cuisine. An excellent way to keep warm with friends and family is to enjoy a hot pot soup with ingredients you choose and add yourself. You can follow the waiter or waitresses advice, or you can concoct a creation of your very own.

Low travel season:

December is low travel season. Few tourists come to the city, and discounts on hotel rooms and flights are easy to obtain.

China Highlights Tours

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Further Reading

Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
December   155 °F12.78 °C43 °F6.11 °C
December   255 °F12.78 °C43 °F6.11 °C
December   354 °F12.22 °C43 °F6.11 °C
December   454 °F12.22 °C42 °F5.56 °C
December   554 °F12.22 °C42 °F5.56 °C
December   654 °F12.22 °C42 °F5.56 °C
December   753 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
December   853 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
December   953 °F11.67 °C41 °F5 °C
December   1052 °F11.11 °C41 °F5 °C
December   1152 °F11.11 °C40 °F4.44 °C
December   1252 °F11.11 °C40 °F4.44 °C
December   1352 °F11.11 °C40 °F4.44 °C
December   1451 °F10.56 °C39 °F3.89 °C
December   1551 °F10.56 °C39 °F3.89 °C
December   1651 °F10.56 °C39 °F3.89 °C
December   1750 °F10 °C39 °F3.89 °C
December   1850 °F10 °C38 °F3.33 °C
December   1950 °F10 °C38 °F3.33 °C
December   2050 °F10 °C38 °F3.33 °C
December   2149 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
December   2249 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
December   2349 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
December   2448 °F8.89 °C36 °F2.22 °C
December   2548 °F8.89 °C36 °F2.22 °C
December   2648 °F8.89 °C36 °F2.22 °C
December   2748 °F8.89 °C36 °F2.22 °C
December   2847 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
December   2947 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
December   3047 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C
December   3147 °F8.33 °C35 °F1.67 °C

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