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Chengdu Weather in November

Weather: November is chilly. But the scenery can be beautiful. The average daily high temperature is around 16 °C (61 °F), and the lowest temperature is about 10 °C (50 °C). It is generally cloudy or foggy at this time of year, but it rains very little (8 mm total). It won't feel dry because of the foggy climate. The sun rarely shines, so you may feel a bit cold. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Long trousers and a shirt or blouse and a coat will do, except if you go to the mountains, which can be much colder.

Things to Do

On the whole, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, so many tourists think November is ideal touring weather. If you go to Xiling Snow Mountain, the top of the mountain may be covered with a thin layer snow, creating beautiful scenery.

panda breeding and research centerThree cute pandas in the Panda Reserve.

For Panda Lovers: The Panda Reserve is the top spot in China to see pandas. It is among the top three favorite places tourists and their children like. Adults and children like to cuddle with the big teddy bear creatures. It is a big place to walk around in, so bring a coat if it is a chilly day.

You can also observe the fascinating catlike behavior of thered pandas. You can walk in among them, and these special red creatures may come up to you. These pandas are smaller cousins of the giant panda, but they are more beautiful and just bigger than cats.

See the Ancient Dujianyan Project: One of the favorite places for tourists in the Chengdu area is only 60 kilometers or about 40 miles away from Chengdu. It is only about an hour's travel and makes for a good historical and cultural tour.

The project is still in use though it was built 2,300 years ago! It still irrigates a large area of Chengdu, and it has helped to turn the region into China's grain basket.

High travel season comes to a close:

The season for high tourist volume ends around the middle of November. So if you come around the end of November, you might find lower prices and less crowds. The weather turns decidedly colder towards December, and it gets gloomy, discouraging tourists. We can help find discounts on hotel rooms and flight and train tickets.

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Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
November   164 °F17.78 °C53 °F11.67 °C
November   263 °F17.22 °C52 °F11.11 °C
November   363 °F17.22 °C52 °F11.11 °C
November   463 °F17.22 °C52 °F11.11 °C
November   563 °F17.22 °C51 °F10.56 °C
November   662 °F16.67 °C51 °F10.56 °C
November   762 °F16.67 °C51 °F10.56 °C
November   862 °F16.67 °C50 °F10 °C
November   961 °F16.11 °C50 °F10 °C
November   1061 °F16.11 °C50 °F10 °C
November   1161 °F16.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
November   1261 °F16.11 °C49 °F9.44 °C
November   1360 °F15.56 °C49 °F9.44 °C
November   1460 °F15.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
November   1560 °F15.56 °C48 °F8.89 °C
November   1659 °F15 °C48 °F8.89 °C
November   1759 °F15 °C47 °F8.33 °C
November   1859 °F15 °C47 °F8.33 °C
November   1958 °F14.44 °C47 °F8.33 °C
November   2058 °F14.44 °C47 °F8.33 °C
November   2158 °F14.44 °C46 °F7.78 °C
November   2258 °F14.44 °C46 °F7.78 °C
November   2357 °F13.89 °C46 °F7.78 °C
November   2457 °F13.89 °C45 °F7.22 °C
November   2557 °F13.89 °C45 °F7.22 °C
November   2656 °F13.33 °C45 °F7.22 °C
November   2756 °F13.33 °C44 °F6.67 °C
November   2856 °F13.33 °C44 °F6.67 °C
November   2956 °F13.33 °C44 °F6.67 °C
November   3055 °F12.78 °C44 °F6.67 °C

Chengdu Climate Information by Month