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Chengdu Weather in July

Weather: July is the hottest and wettestmonth of the year. It's the monsoon season and can be sweltering. The average maximum temperature is 30 °C (86 °F), and the average minimum temperature is 22 °C (72 °F). It rains most of the days of the month, and there is about 225 mm of total rain. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Summer clothing is generally adequate. It rains a lot, so it is very wet, and sometimes flooding occurs. Remember your raincoat or umbrella when you go out, and be careful of the occasional bad weather. When the sunlight is strong, you can wear sunglasses to protect you eyes.

Things to Do

the back door of mt.qingchengThe back door of Qingcheng Hill.

Keep cool in museums or high in the mountains.  Recommended places to visit are in the mountains at Qingcheng Hill, Jiuzhaigou Valley (at right), and Jiufeng Hill where you can get away from the heat.

Jinsha Ruins Museum: It is one of Chengdu's favorite tourist attractions. The museum is atop the archeological excavation site. It is about 7 kilometers or 4 miles west of the Chengdu city center. A previously unknown Bronze Age civilization was discovered there in 2001. The ceremonial center flourished about 3,000 years ago. The culture is known for its amazing bronze art objects; see photos>>

Jiuzhaigou:Chengdu is a base to see one of China's greatest and most beautiful national parks. Similar to Yellowstone, there are hot spring limestone pools of many colors. And the whole valley is framed by high mountains with white tipped peaks. We offer combined tours of both the city and the national park. See photos>>

July is a low period for travel.

Hotels and flight/train tickets are relatively easy to get at low prices. However, when schools let out for summer vacation in July, traffic is added to the transportation system. Make your arrangements in advance if you go during this month.

China Highlights Tours

See the best of Chengduwith our Chengdu tours. These are reasonably priced and can be customized for your needs or your group's needs. We plan and facilitate these tours through many years of experience and customer feedback..

Further Reading

Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
July   183 °F28.33 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   283 °F28.33 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   384 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   484 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   584 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   684 °F28.89 °C70 °F21.11 °C
July   784 °F28.89 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   884 °F28.89 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   984 °F28.89 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1084 °F28.89 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1184 °F28.89 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1285 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1385 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1485 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1585 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1685 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1785 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1885 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   1985 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2085 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2185 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2285 °F29.44 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2386 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2486 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2586 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   2686 °F30 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2786 °F30 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2886 °F30 °C72 °F22.22 °C
July   2986 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   3086 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C
July   3186 °F30 °C71 °F21.67 °C

Chengdu Climate Information by Month