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Chengdu Weather in April


Weather: In April, the weather is generally warm and sometimes very warm. The average daily high temperature is 22 °C (72 °F), and the average low temperature is 13 °C (55 °F). It rains more in April than in the winter months (44 mm), and it is humid. There is some rain about 13 days of the month. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: A shirt and a light coat are enough for the beginning of the month. At the end of the month, the temperature rises, and generally summer clothing is enough for sudden high temperatures. The breeze makes the days rather comfortable.

Things to Do

In April, the weather turns fair, and its a good time to see outdoor attractions and go to the street markets. April is the best month to see flowers and gardens.

TheTianpeng Peony Festival begins in April, letting you enjoy China's national flower on a large scale, and many folk activities.

Jinli Old Street: This shopping street is only about 350 meters long, but you can find Chinese theater, folk artists, people making and selling their art and crafts, snacks, folk music, and celebrations of traditional festivals. There are tea shops and souvenir stores. It is popular with foreign tourists; 

Dufu's Thatched Cottage: Dufu was a famous poet from the times of the Tang Dynasty (618–907). It is thought he settled down in this location before he died, and the area is now a park and temple. His simple, poignant poems are beloved by Chinese, and it is a very popular heritage site.

There is a large garden park of about 15 hectares (37 acres). Its a place to enjoy natural beauty and relax and contemplate. But if that isn't what you'd want to do, there are many other attractions that would be better.

April is in the peak travel season.

Chengdu is already at its busiest with respect to travelers during April, and tourist attractions are crowded. Discounts on hotel rooms and flights are difficult to find. Train tickets may be difficult to get, are a hassle if you're standing in long lines, and are more expensive than usual. There is an easier way. Plan your trip in advance, and let us help you get discounted room rates and tickets.

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Further Reading

Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
April   166 °F18.89 °C51 °F10.56 °C
April   266 °F18.89 °C51 °F10.56 °C
April   367 °F19.44 °C51 °F10.56 °C
April   467 °F19.44 °C51 °F10.56 °C
April   567 °F19.44 °C52 °F11.11 °C
April   668 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
April   768 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
April   868 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
April   969 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
April   1069 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
April   1169 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
April   1270 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
April   1370 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
April   1470 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
April   1570 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
April   1671 °F21.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
April   1771 °F21.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
April   1871 °F21.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
April   1972 °F22.22 °C56 °F13.33 °C
April   2072 °F22.22 °C56 °F13.33 °C
April   2172 °F22.22 °C56 °F13.33 °C
April   2273 °F22.78 °C56 °F13.33 °C
April   2373 °F22.78 °C57 °F13.89 °C
April   2473 °F22.78 °C57 °F13.89 °C
April   2573 °F22.78 °C57 °F13.89 °C
April   2674 °F23.33 °C58 °F14.44 °C
April   2774 °F23.33 °C58 °F14.44 °C
April   2874 °F23.33 °C58 °F14.44 °C
April   2975 °F23.89 °C58 °F14.44 °C
April   3075 °F23.89 °C59 °F15 °C

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