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Chengdu Weather in January

Weather:January is the coldest month in Chengdu. The average daily high temperature is around 10 °C (50 °F), and the average nightly low temperature is 3 °C (37 °F). Chengdu lies in the Sichuan Basin,and the weather is relatively comfortable compared to the mountains.

But it is usually cold, damp, grey, hazy, and dry. It gets the least days of sunshine of the major cities in China, and most of the year it is cloudy and overcast. Only about 8 mm of rain falls each January, although some precipitation falls about 7 days of the month. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Prepare yourself and bring warm clothing such as a coat, gloves, and a hat to stay warm outdoors.

Things to Do

Chinese red lanternsRed lanterns in Chinese New year.

Stay inside and stay warm at a mall or go to the snowy expanses at places like Longchi National Forest Park and Xiling Ski Resort.

Celebrate Chinese New Year: These are the most important public holidays in China, and for about 1/3 of years, Chinese New Year falls in January. Many Mainlanders enjoy a two-week vacation. This is the best time of the year for tourists to experience authentic Chinese culture. The holidays provide a chance to have fun with fireworks, try holiday food and snacks, buy tourist souvenirs, and experience Sichuan customs firsthand in this historic city. See Chinese New Year Dates>>

Fireworks: You won't need to go anyplace special to see the fireworks at 12 midnight on New Year's Eve. You won't be able to escape them exploding all around you in amazing quantities in the middle of the city. Just go to the roof of your building.

Xiling Ski Resort: Up in the mountains about two hours away from Chengdu by bus is one of China's best ski resorts. From the end of December to early March, you can ski, enjoy the snow and stay in the hotels. See our Chengdu Ski Tour>>

Shop at the world's biggest mall:The New Century Global Center opened in September, 2013. It is also one of the world's biggest buildings. It has become the newest tourist attraction that features middle-priced stores, Chinese brands, and even its own indoor water park and beach.

January is usually the low travel season.

January is in the low tourist season unless Chinese New Year falls in the month. Most often, few tourists visit Chengdu's tourist attractions in January. Good discounts on flights and hotel rooms are easily available.

But, around the Chinese New Year holidays, expect high rates for hotel rooms and high prices for difficult-to-get flights and train tickets. So book in advance. Let us help you get discounted rooms and tickets more easily.

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Further Reading

Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
January   149 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
January   249 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
January   349 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
January   449 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
January   549 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   649 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   749 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   849 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   949 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1049 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1149 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1249 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1349 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1449 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1549 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1649 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1749 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1849 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   1949 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2049 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2149 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2249 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2349 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2449 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2549 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2649 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2749 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2849 °F9.44 °C36 °F2.22 °C
January   2949 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
January   3049 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C
January   3149 °F9.44 °C37 °F2.78 °C

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