Chengdu Weather in October

Jiuzhaigou valley autumn colors The scenery of Jiuzhaigou valley.

Weather: October is mild and cool. The average maximum daily temperature is 21 °C (70 °F), and the average minimum temperature is 15 °C (59 °F). Though it still rains about half of the days of the month, the rain is usually light. Total rainfall is little (35 mm total), and it is less humid than the previous month. Nighttime temperatures are several degrees lower than during the daytime, and you may feel a little cold at night. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Wear long trousers and a light sweater or jacket. Bring a light coat if you go outdoors at night.

Things to Do

In October, with the little rain and fall colors, most of the attractions and places are at their best making it an ideal time to visit. Jiuzhaigou National Park is very colorful. The city gets a large number of tourists daily.

The Mid-Autumn Festival: The annual holiday is the second biggest traditional Chinese festival. It usually falls in September, but sometimes the public holiday is in early October. During the full moon and harvest festival, moon cakes featuring the fruits and nuts of the season are the favorite festival food.

During the holidays of October, the main market streets are lively places to shop and enjoy the local cuisine. Chengdu is known for its hot pot soups and red chili pepper chicken dishes called laziji and gongbao jiding (kung pao chicken). It will be a gastronomical memory of your trip.

See the Ancient Dujianyan Project: This ancient irrigation and river control project can be seen in a quick trip from Chengdu. It is one of the most favorite places for tourists in the Chengdu area, and it is only 60 kilometers or about 40 miles away from Chengdu.

It is still in use though it was built almost 2,300 years ago! It still irrigates a large area of Chengdu, and it has helped to turn the region into China's grain basket.

A Peak Travel Month

October is part of the main tourist season. The first day of the month is Chinese National Day, and many people have a week-long holiday. Visitors to Chengdu increase sharply during this period. Be sure to book your reservations in advance, as flights and train tickets are difficult to get. If the Mid-Autumn Festival falls in the month, this greatly increases tourism. We can help find discounts on hotel rooms and flight and train tickets.

China Highlights Tours

See the best of Chengdu with our Chengdu tours. These tours can be customized or modified too. We have planned them through many years of experience and customer feedback.

    Further Reading

    Chengdu Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

    Date Average High Average Low
    October   1 72 °F 22.22 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
    October   2 72 °F 22.22 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
    October   3 72 °F 22.22 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
    October   4 72 °F 22.22 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
    October   5 71 °F 21.67 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
    October   6 71 °F 21.67 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
    October   7 71 °F 21.67 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
    October   8 70 °F 21.11 °C 59 °F 15 °C
    October   9 70 °F 21.11 °C 59 °F 15 °C
    October   10 70 °F 21.11 °C 59 °F 15 °C
    October   11 70 °F 21.11 °C 59 °F 15 °C
    October   12 69 °F 20.56 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
    October   13 69 °F 20.56 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
    October   14 69 °F 20.56 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
    October   15 69 °F 20.56 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
    October   16 68 °F 20 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
    October   17 68 °F 20 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
    October   18 68 °F 20 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
    October   19 68 °F 20 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
    October   20 67 °F 19.44 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
    October   21 67 °F 19.44 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
    October   22 67 °F 19.44 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
    October   23 66 °F 18.89 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
    October   24 66 °F 18.89 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
    October   25 66 °F 18.89 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
    October   26 66 °F 18.89 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
    October   27 65 °F 18.33 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
    October   28 65 °F 18.33 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
    October   29 65 °F 18.33 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
    October   30 64 °F 17.78 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
    October   31 64 °F 17.78 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C

Chengdu Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Chengdu Weather in October

krishna prasad basyal 2013-09-17
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i am mr Krishna prasad basyal. I live in Nepal. I am planning a trip for 6-7days in chengdu near Chengdu International Trade City (CITC). i want to hotel in this Area. what types hotels are there? and facility... show me rate cheapest and medium type hotel. male me plz Lynn Ye. and give me your QQ no or you can add me 1485241656. thank you.

Hi Krishna,

Could you please tell me when are you planning to visit Chengdu? How many people in your group? Besides, Chengdu have several International Trade City, I would very appreciate if you could give me more details information.

Christy Luo replied on 2013-09-18
alo 2011-09-20
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Hello, I will be in Chengdu at the end of Sept/beginning of October. What should I expect of the weather? I live in Nanning where it's still very hot and humid. Thanks for your help.
Dear Alo, Based on the former data and the information from the weather forecast bureau, the temperature is about 17-22°C. It's cool. You can take the shirts and coat. In seven days it will be rainy. You should take an umbrella. But i am not sure if it rains in the beginning of October. Here is an useful website to check the new information. You can search it before leaving for Chengdu. Click here: If you have not book a tour to Chengdu, i am glad to arrange a tour for reference. Please feel free to let me know your inquiry. My e-mail address is Lussie Lu replied on 2011-09-20
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