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Xi'an Weather in May

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Weather: May can be hot, but it is a good month to travel to Xi'an if you want to beat the even hotter "Xi'an furnace city" months of summer and early fall. The average temperature in Xi'an in May is a cool 15 °C (59 °F), but it is warm enough during the day to be comfortable at outdoor attractions. Though it warms up, it actually rains only a little. Xi'an has a dry climate.

Clothing: A shirt with a thin coat is enough for the beginning of the month. The weather is usually consistently warm by the end of this month, and generally, a shirt will feel comfortable during the day.

Xi'an May 2013 Weather Data Graphs

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Things to Do

the bell and drum towerBell and Drum Tower

It is time to go out and enjoy yourself outdoors and at the night markets.

Walk or ride bicycles on the top of the Xi'an Ancient City Wall: If it isn't raining, May is a fine month to see the sights as you go along the top of the massive brick wall that was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). You can rent bikes. Make sure to bring water, especially on hot days.

Shop and eat at the North Gate Night Market: This night market is located near the Bell Tower and Drum Tower plaza. So you can see these major attractions, and also try a variety of regional cuisines such as Hui Muslim food and various regional foods and desserts. The Hui barbeques and Lanzhou handmade noodles are recommended.

See and hike the Hongshi Gorge: If you want to go on an outdoors excursion, this valley about 240 kilometers from Xi'an is known as one of China's natural wonders.

It is a group of waterfalls, rapids and falling streams, and paths wind around there that you can walk along. The gorge features red sandstone cliffs and rock formations. We can help you plan a personalized Xi'an tour including this excursion.

Muslim Quarter Muslim Street

Peak travel month: The last few days of April marks the beginning of the high travel season in Xi'an that extends to the end of October. The three-day May Day national holidays and the arrival of tour groups makes room rates and prices for tickets higher than normal. We can help you book flights and trains.

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