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Xi'an Weather in February

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Weather: February is a cold month, but it is warmer than January. The daytime temperature is around 5 °C (41 °F). The temperature can drop down to minus 3 °C (27 °F) in the middle of the night.

It snows occasionally, and there may be ice on the roads after a heavy snow. So be careful if you are driving in the hills. The dry weather and the surrounding mountains make air pollution a serious problem. Most buildings have central heating, so you can enjoy your time in Xi’an inside.

Clothing: You need to prepare warm clothes such as a down coat, gloves and a hat to keep warm.

Xi'an February 2013 Weather Data Graphs

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Things to Do

Bell Tower the Bell Tower in Xi'an

February is a good time to stay indoors in Xi’an unless it is Chinese New Year. In that case, go out and see the fireworks and celebrations at the Bell Tower.

Celebrate Chinese New Year: This is the most important Chinese holiday, and the Spring Festival public holidays covers a two week vacation for many people. Chinese New Year usually falls in early or mid February, though for a third of the years it's in late January. For tourists, the holidays provide a chance to have fun with fireworks, try holiday food, buy tourist souvenirs and experience a local custom firsthand in the historic city. See our Chinese New Year Travel Tips.

Chinese New Year fireworks at the Bell Tower: This ancient looking construction is the site for an annual Chinese New Year fireworks you can go out to see. They explode over the plaza from several directions. Though the weather might be frigid, the fireworks and scenery is memorable.

Inside with the Terracotta Warriors: These gritty old warriors stay warm and dry inside their temperature-controlled enclosure, and you can too. The museum and the excavation site is quite big, and you can spend hours touring the museum and viewing the fascinating details of their countenances. It is considered one of the great archeological sites of the world, and it's the highlight of many tourists' trip to China.

huaqing hot springsHuaqing Hot Spring

Get natural heat at the Huaqing Hot Springs: En route to the Terracotta Warriors from the city of Xi’an is a famous hot springs that supposedly played a part in the downfall of the whole Tang Empire (618–907).

This is a warm place to stop in for some vapory warmth and enjoy the 3D audio and visual presentation.

Travel: If the Chinese New Year falls in February, then it is the busiest travel time in China. Book flights and trains well ahead of departure.

Low Season: Otherwise, February is a low travel month. Room rates and prices are lower than normal and the city is free of large crowds of tourists.

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