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Xi'an Weather in November

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Weather: It is cold in November. The average daily high is only 12 °C (54 °F), and there is a big temperature drop between daytime and nighttime. At night it drops down to a chilly 3 °C (37 °F). It often starts to snow in November, and it will snow occasionally until about February or March. Though it is cold, it is actually very dry so this makes it more comfortable. November is one of the driest months. There is only about 6 days of rain or snow a month, and the precipitation is about 24 mm each November. The average humidity is 74 percent. In the winter, Xi'an has a big dust and smog problem.

Clothing: You'll need to bring warm winter clothing. Many people put on dusk masks during smoggy days, and these might prove useful for you too.

Xi'an November 2013 Weather Data Graphs

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Things to Do

qianling museumQianling Mausoleum

Qianling Mausoleum: This mausoleum is on Liang Mountain (Liang Shan) about 80 kilometers from Xi'an. It is one of the major attractions around the city. However, it is off the usual path for tour groups, and many people enjoy the scenery and even the trip there for that reason. The route to the mausoleum is along rural roads. This will give you a chance to see a typical Chinese countryside.

See the Terracotta Warriors: This is considered one of the great archeological sites of the world and a must see in the Xi'an region. The museum and the excavation site is quite big, and you can spend hours touring the museum and viewing the fascinating details of their countenances and the excavated artifacts.

It is Xi'an's top attraction, and it's the highlight of many tourists' trip to China. Let us help you schedule a tour of this great site. Our 2-Day Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Tour is our best-selling Xi'an tour. It combines the must-see Terracotta Warriors with some of Xian's essential attractions in 2 days.

November is a low travel month.

terracotta_15Terracotta Army

The city is less crowded. Good discounts on hotel rooms and flights are easy to get. It will save you a lot of money to travel in low season. Let our Xi'an travel experts help you book your hotel rooms, flights and train tickets.

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