International Media Recognizes China Highlights
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International Media Recognizes China Highlights

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

We are always working on providing great content text, photos, tours and design for all customers and visitors, improving our quality and brand. Some famous officical media recommended us on their sites to make more people to read us. Take you time to read them and get to know us more.

"You can find out just about everything about Chinese train travel at Seat 61's comprehensive website. China Highlights has a searchable online timetable for major train routes."Read more »

"You can find out just about everything about Chinese train travel at Seat 61's fabulous website. China Highlights has a searchable online timetable for major train routes. The tour operator Travel China Guide has an English-language website that can help you figure out train schedules and fares."Read more »

"China Highlights is one of the simplest ways to book train travel in China. The website is in English, and offers schedules, maps, and other information on the train stations and routes in China. When booking tickets, you can either have them delivered, or simply pick them up at the train station. They have solid 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, attentive customer service, and even a mobile app."Read more »

Published Date: MARCH 21, 2017 by NATHAN JAMES THOMAS

"Tickets can only be purchased two months ahead of travel. Seats sell out fast once booking opens. I used online agent China Highlights ( which holds details of your preferred trains and snaps up tickets the moment booking opens. Download or print the voucher and present it at any Chinese station to pick up the actual ticket (50p fee if it’s not the departure station). Arrive an hour before your train leaves at busy stations. Fortunately Western numerals are used for train numbers and times."Read more »

Published Date: 19 OCTOBER 2015 • 12:00AM, by Gill Charlton, destination expert

Travel to China: Everything you need to know before you go

"While most travel guides do a great job answer the "what" questions of China travel (what should I see? what will it cost? what hotel is best?), they often do a very poor job with the "how". That's where this China travel handbook by long-time China writer Josh Summers comes in. It skillfully helps travelers properly set their expectations of China while giving them pro tips for China travel, which includes a helpful list of the best travel agencies like China Highlights!" Josh said. Read more about this book »

Published Date: Jan. 23, 2019

Spirit Baby: Travels through China on the long road to motherhood

"Yes, I did mention China Highlights (in chapter three) and talk a lot about our wonderful guides, the personal stories they told us and the friendships we created. While Spirit Baby covers all the cities and sites we visited and the Chinese history and culture that we learned, it is not a guide book, it is a personal memoir. We visited China because we were going through the process to adopt a Chinese orphan and we wanted to learn more about China so that we could be culturally sensitive and aware parents." Nina said. Read more about this book »

Published Date: April 19, 2019

Beyond Beijing: six Chinese cities you need to know

Lijiang is in China's Yunnan province, which borders Vietnam to the south, and has long been home to Naxi, Yi and Bai ethnic groups, whose traditions can be experienced at the Impression Lijiang show, a performance that uses the city's surrounding mountains as a spectacular backdrop.Read more »

Published Date: November, 2018

Zhangjiajie National Park: 30 Photos That Will Make You Pack Your Bags and Go

Learn more about all these attractions at China Highlights, which I recommend for photography tours or a complete tour package if you don't want to navigate on your own. Be sure to read my 7 Things You Need to Know About China Travel. Stay tuned for a photography guide to shooting landscapes including some little-known Photoshop tips.... Read more »

Published Date: December, 2016

Hong Kong, la ciudad que no duerme

Recién aterrizados en el aeropuerto de Hong Kong, una de las cosas más importantes es saber como llegar a nuestro hotel. Nosotros confiamos en China Highlights, una de las mejores compañías turísticas del país... Read more »

Published Date: October 30, 2016

People of the hutong: Commercialization, modernization impact hutong culture

"The hutong is a way of life," said David Yang, the Beijing manager for China Highlights, a leading tour company in China. "You see the older people, the older generation has been very harmonious and relaxed life in the hutongs ... Read more »

Published Date: JULy 25, 2016

Students stuck in China after ticketing mishap return home

I want to publicly thank - Lily Gou, AirCanada, and there agent Renee, Toni Joyner (+her mother*), Elite Scholars Academy parents, and ESA faculty & family. They were all vital in making sure that we were able to get back. ... Read more »

Published Date: May 30, 2016

Yunnan: 9 things to do in China's wild subtropical wonderland

Trips to the Tiger Leaping Gorge and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be booked through guesthouses or the many travel agency booths spread throughout Lijiang Old Town.
Most tours are in Chinese.
Alternatively, private minivans seating up to six people, can be flagged down in the road or hired in front Lijiang's main bus station.
The China Highlights website offers good tips on hiking the gorge.....Read more »

Published Date: February 15, 2016

Travel Trade Luxury, May 2016, Issue 03, page 12-13

As Rebecca He, product and public relations manager, China Highlights, noted, Hong Kong's luxury offerings differ for the various source markets. Visitors from Mainland China seek high-quality accommodation, restaurants and shopping, while western guests tend to value unique experiences exclusive to the destination, she explained. Read more »

Land transport in Shanghai - Lonely Planet

Although procuring tickets for nearby destinations and high-speed train tickets is often straightforward, buying rail tickets in Shanghai and China can be very troublesome.
You can use ... China Highlights ( buy tickets online. Read more »

The (Great) Wall Less Traveled...Hiking the Huangya Pass in Tianjin's Ji County, China

Originally built during the Northern Qi Dynasty in the mid-sixth century, Huangyanguan is said to stretch 42 kilometers (26 miles), but the portion we hiked (from the Taiping Mountain Stronghold entrance to the Huangya Fortress) was only about seven kilometers...Read more »

Published Date: May, 2014

The haunting Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Using a tour agency to plan also helps; the company China Highlights, for example, can provide customised itineraries to Sichuan-bound travellers.) Still, with little tourist infrastructure, extremely high altitudes and a considerable language and cultural barrier, travel here is far from easy. Read more »

Published Date: May 20, 2014

How to see China the real way

Almost every travel company offers a trip to the karst peaks of Guilin with bamboo rafting down the Li River, but China Highlights' five-day 'Guilin the Tour with More' package is packed with additional highlights. This includes a visit to the houseboat of a local fisherman, lessons in tea-making from Yao minority villagers at the famous Dragon Back rice terraces... Read more »

Published Date: Mar. 25, 2014

Beijing's Best Local Tour Companies

The 'Two-Day Great Wall' hiking trip leads you on a trek along the lesser-visited Jiankou, Jinshanling and Simatai sections of the wall and includes accommodation and food at a local farmer's guesthouse, a hotpot lunch and a foot massage. Read more »

Published Date: Feb. 2014

In search of green China

We found a tour organization within China, China Highlights in Guilin, which offered a good price for a personalized tour of the places we wanted to go, not those on some set travel route. Our China Highlights tour organizer, Lily Guo, gave us good practical advice as we prepared for our journey. Read more »

Published Date: May 18, 2014

Trekking China's Great Wall

What awaited us was a two-day stint exploring the Jinshanling and Gubeikou sections of the Great Wall with our China Highlights guides. China Highlights offers 1- to 5-day guided tours of the Great Wall. Read more »

Published Date: Feb. 26, 2013

China Painting Trip Autumn 2013

Canadian artist Angie Roth McIntosh travels to Chengdu China to paint with China Highlights. See beautiful Shangli village and Huanglongxie, towns and rivers on the old silk route and see their lovely charm. Enjoy the night views of the lights of Chengdu and explore the largest free standing building in the world... Watch the video now »

Published Date: Autumn 2013

8 of Asia's best ski resorts

Straddling the soaring peaks that border China's inner-Mongolia province and Mongolia itself, Alshan is surrounded by a primitive picturesque forest that would make even Warren Miller gush. With plenty of both alpine and cross-country trails that stretch over 10km of pristine landscape, there's plenty of ground to cover. Ski season runs from November to April... Read more »

Published Date: Feb. 26, 2010

Great Wall of China Vacations

China Highlights offers a six-day hiking excursion on and around the Great Wall; visitors can choose the departure date that works best for them. The package includes an English-speaking tour guide, personal driver, three meals a day for each full day and hotel accommodations.... Read more »

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