The Five Best Places to Travel in February

February is the last month of winter in most of China. It's the right time to appreciate rape flowers and plum blossom in warm places. Meanwhile, Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, is more likely to fall in February, when China will be filled with happiness and huge celebrations.

febuary destinations

Here are some ideal places to travel to in February.

Beijing — Experience Chinese New Year

changdian templeChangdian Temple Fair

February is a quiet time for travelling to Beijing (apart from during the Spring Festival rush). You can enjoy a less-crowded trip, especially at the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace, which are full of crowds in peak season.

If you are travelling during Spring Festival, we recommend Beijing's temple fairs, a traditional experience held at ancient temples for hundreds of years. The most famous temple fairs in Beijing are Changdian Temple Fair, Dongyue Temple Fair, and Baiyun Temple Fair.

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Yunnan — Rape Flowers Festival and Yuanyang Rice Terraces

luoping rape flowerLuoping Rape Flower Festival

February in Yunnan is cool, and it's an ideal month to see rape flowers in Luoping. The yellow rape flowers, covering an area of more than 100 square kilometers (39 sq mi), are in full bloom between February and March. Luoping holds its annual Rape Flower Festival, and thousands of travelers and photographers come to shoot the seas of yellow flowers. Late February is the best time to appreciate this natural wonder.

February is also a good time to visit Yuanyang's Rice Terraces. It looks like a huge palette, with red earth and water in the fields reflecting the blue sky and golden sunshine. Around mid-February the blooming wild flowers make it more charming.

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Suzhou — Classical Gardens and Plum Blossom

humble administrators gardenThe Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou

Suzhou is well-known for its classical gardens. The fascinating gardens attract many visitors to see their exquisite design and layout. If you want to experience a picturesque old China, nearby water towns are worth visiting.

The best time to appreciate plum blossom is February, and the best place is Suzhou. Plum trees blossom in winter, and they're said to represent the gritty spirit of Chinese culture. A popular theme among Chinese painters, you can see the beautiful small red flowers and black branches in Chinese ink masterpieces.

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For more information on appreciating plum blossom in Suzhou please refer to Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival and Suzhou Tai Lake Plum Blossom Festival.

Harbin — Colorful Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

the ice and snow worldAn ice castle

Harbin is the northernmost city of China, near Russia. You can see many Russian-style buildings there, such as St Sofia Orthodox Church. It is always an ideal place to visit in China's winter time. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival lasts till late February. You can see many (life-size) famous buildings etc. sculpted in ice or snow.

Harbin is also a good place for skiing. If you are interested in skiing, please refer to Yabuli Skiing Center, Erlongshan Skiing Resort, and Jihua Skiing Resort.

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Hainan Island — a Leisurely Tropical Holiday

sanyaSanya, Hainan

If you want a trip away from the coldness of China's winter, Hainan Island is ideal. It's the warmest place in China during February. You can have fun in the sea and on the beaches of Yalong Bay, known as “oriental Hawaii”; take photos in Dongzhaigang Mangrove Forest, hike in 'Sky's Edge Sea's Corner' Scenic Zone, and shop for duty-free commodities.

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