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Best Places to Visit in November in China

November is the middle of China's autumn, when you can see the most gorgeous fall colors in and around the cities. It is the best season to capture the fall foliage of nature, and enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends.

november trip

These five destinations are the most recommended because the natural scenery there is really fabulous and they are suitable for outdoor activities such as photography and trekking. 

1. Beijing - Great Weather and Fall Colors

Great wall in autumnThe Great wall of China in autumn

November is one of the best seasons to visit Beijing, followed by May and June. It is cool and comfortable, and sometimes breezy.

The whole city becomes more charming and elegant painted by the red walls of the ancient architectures and the golden foliage in the parks and Beijing's suburbs. It is a great time to explore Beijing's suburbs, where the ancient temples are covered with red leaves and golden ginkgoes.

Taking a helicopter or hiking along the Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall to appreciate the spectacular autumn views and enjoy the fresh air is a good idea. China Highlights can help you book a sidecar to take you to the wild parts of the Great Wall, which is a unique way to travel around Beijing.

2. The Yellow Mountains

Fall colors of the Yellow MountainsFall colors of the Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains are colorful in autumn. The mountains are magnificent covered by red maples and interspersed with yellow fruits under the white clouds and blue sky. November is an ideal season to climb the Yellow Mountains due to the weather being neither hot nor cold.

If you are keen on outdoor activities, you can bring a tent to spend the night at the back of the mountain. Wake up in the early morning (about half past four) to appreciate the fabulous sunrise. Apart from the natural scenery of the Yellow Mountains, the human culture and ancient architectures in the folk villages near the Yellow Mountains can also make you feel deeply impressed, such as the famous Hongcun Village and Tunxi Ancient Street. Read more on the Yellow Mountains

Location: the Yellow Mountain area is located in Eastern China's Anhui Province,about 300 km (200 miles) west of Hangzhou, and 500 km (300 miles southwest of Shanghai). 

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3. Zhangjiajie

In November, Zhangjiajie turns into a romantic and poetic world veiled by fog. The steep cliffs and plants in the mountains are more beautiful. The mountains in Zhangjiajie are quite different from other mountains in China, which are separated into small cliffs. Why not take a side trip to visit Fenghuang Ancient Town to be intoxicated and feel relaxed in the tranquil and peaceful environment?

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Location: Zhangjiajie is located in South China's Hunan Province, about 336 km (208 miles) from Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.

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4. Jiuzhaigou


The different colors of the four seasons in Jiuzhaigou are fantastic. Jiuzhaigou's spring is grassy and full of vitality, and summer is verdant and exuberant. In autumn, Jiuzhaigou is splendid. The colorful plants reflect on the sparkling and translucent lakes under the bright blue sky.

Trekking along the little path into the dense forest in Jiuzhaigou, you may meet with some rare animals and plants. At the end of November, you may witness the beginning of winter in Jiuzhaigou. Don't forget to take pictures of the memorable moments. 

Location: Jiuzhaigou National Park is in the west of Sichuan Province, 415 kilometers west of Chengdu (257 miles).

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5. The Western Sichuan Province


Planning a hiking tour in Western Sichuan Province in autumn is much more exciting! It is one of the most popular hiking routes in China, starting from Chengdu, passing through Xinduqiao, Yading, Daocheng, and arriving at Luding Bridge. This route can really deeply explore nature in the south-west of China. You can see the stunning fall scenery throughout the trip, combined with the blue sky and pure snow covered mountains.

The Tibetan culture is a highlight in the Western Sichuan Province. Visiting the ancient monasteries and Tibetan houses is very meaningful and interesting.

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Also read Yading – "The Last Pure Land on Earth". For the higher areas like Yading, September/October would actually be better, as November is already winter there.

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