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The Top 5 Places to Visit in China in April

April is a great month for traveling to China, because of the warm temperature and picturesque spring scenery. In April it drizzles in many places, especially in South China. However, the drizzle makes the spring air fresher and cleaner.

We have listed the best five places to visit in April: Guilin, Xi'an (a place of historical sites), Hangzhou (the most beautiful city in China), Suzhou (a city fathering the essence of traditional Chinese gardens), and the Three Gorges (places of picturesque natural scenery).

Top 5 places to visit in China in April

1. Guilin — a Masterpiece of Karst Landforms

Guilin, one of the top places to visit in China in April

April is the beginning of the Li River's high flow period, but not the flood period. The big temperature difference between day and night needs you to prepare a coat, a sweater, and a T-shirt.

Highlights: Taking a cruise on the Li River allows you to see the essence of Guilin's karst landforms with peculiar-shaped hills and clean water.  

In April, the lemon and white rape flowers along the Yulong River in Yangshuo have blossomed. If you choose to cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, you can take a cycling trip along the Yulong River (which can also be traveled by bamboo raft). The idyllic scenery in Yangshuo Town should not be missed.

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2. Xi'an — the Most Influential City in China's History

xi'an city wall

Xi'an is really hot in summer and chilly and dry in winter. Temperate temperature and nice weather allow you to enjoy a nice trip full of Chinese historical cultures. It is still cold in the morning and night, and most of the days are sunny, but you need to prepare for possible light cyclostrophic wind.

Highlights: Xi'an used to be the capital city in many dynasties, which gave it plenty of historical sites. Temperate weather in April can make you visiting the Terracotta Warriors, cycling on the Ancient City Wall, climbing the Mount Hua, and visiting other historical sites of the Tang Dynasty (618–907) more comfortable.

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3. Hangzhou — a Panoramic View of Classic China

hangzhou,one of the top places to visit in China in April

Hangzhou is one of the laziest cities in China. A profound historical culture, greenery, fresh air, and an elegant and leisurely atmosphere make Hangzhou is a place of poetic living.

Highlights: In April, the whole city is decorated with jade-green plants and pink blossoms, making Hangzhou feel more comfortable. The most beautiful period of the West Lake arrives when the tranquil lake is surrounded by verdant weeping willows and pink peach blossoms.

April is also a time for harvesting Longjing tea leaves: you can travel to Meijiawu Tea Plantation to visit the ancient village, to join the tea leaves harvest, and to taste the newly-harvested Longjing tea. In the case of drizzle, an umbrella is needed as well as coat, light sweater, and long-sleeve shirts.

It is also a nice time to visit ancient water towns near Hangzhou (including Xitang Town and Wuzhen Town), which will allow you to imagine how ancient China used to be.

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4. Suzhou — a Close-Up of Traditional Chinese Gardens


Because of a Chinese saying "up above there is heaven, down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou", Suzhou is always mentioned in the same breath as Hangzhou. Suzhou is famous for its traditional Chinese gardens.

Highlights: Spring is the best time to travel to Suzhou because of the temperate climate and graceful spring scenery. April is mid-spring in Suzhou, when the gardens are vivified with verdant plants and colorful blossoms. 

The gardens in Suzhou gather the essence of traditional Chinese gardens: Humble Administrator's Garden, the Garden of the Master of Nets, Linger ing Garden, the Garden of Harmony, and Lion Grove.

There are also several ancient water towns near Suzhou, including Zhouzhuang Water Town and Jinxi Ancient Town, where you can enjoy the scenery of ancient bridges, classical buildings with Ming and Qing styles, and sinuous rivers with wooden boats floating on them.

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5. The Three Gorges — View the Yangtze River on a Leisurely Cruise

the Three Gorge

April is one of the best months to travel to the Three Gorges. In this month it is neither too hot nor too cold in the Three Gorge area, and the area is vivified with verdant mountains along the Yangtze River.

Highlights: The Yangtze River is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and diverse culture. Along the 191-kilometer cruise route between Chongqing and Yichang, you will pass through Qutang Gorge (the most precipitous one with cliffs on both sides), Wu Gorge (the most graceful and the most beautiful one), Xiling Gorge (the longest one with the rapidest water flowing), and the Three Gorge Dam.

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