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The Top 9 Places to Visit in April in China

Written by Carol WangUpdated Oct. 30, 2022

April is a great month for traveling to China, because of the warm temperatures and picturesque spring scenery. Whether you want to go hiking or witness breathtaking blossoms in peak bloom, you can fill your photo album with memories made in April.

In addition to the usual popular destinations in China, like Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai, we also recommend a number of destinations that are excellent for traveling in April for a most beautiful time.

We have listed the best nine places to visit in April: 1) Yunnan, 2) Guilin, 3) Tibet, 4) Huangshan/Wuyuan, 5) Luoyang, 6) Western Sichuan, 7) Guizhou, 8) the Hakka Earth Buildings, and 9) Wuyishan Mountain.

The Top 9 Places to Visit  in April in China

1. Yunnan — Flowers, Sunshine, and Vitality

Erhai Lake in Dali, YunnanErhai Lake, Yunnan

Temperatures in April: around 10–25°C (50–77°F) in Kunming, Dali, and Lijiang; 1–10°C (34–50°F) in Shangri-La; 17–33°C (63–91°F) in Xishuangbanna

In April, everything is full of vitality in Yunnan. The awakening of spring is abundantly apparent. Thus, it provides good conditions for many outdoor activities. In addition, April is a shoulder season in Yunnan with fewer tourists and favorable airplane tickets.

Xishuangbanna is a great place to travel in April for its Water-Sprinkling Festival, which falls between April 13th and 15th. Join in the water splashing. With pots, pans, bottles, or whatever you have to hand, where you can unreservedly splash each other with water, whether close friends or even strangers.

Top things to do in April:

  • Hike up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on a hidden trail and have a bike ride alongside Erhai Lake.
  • Visit a local Tibetan family in Shangri-La, take part in their day's work to experience ploughing or seeding, and enjoy a starry night with a bonfire on the grassland.
  • Hike along the Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is among the deepest canyons in the world, and explore Yubeng Village, which is hidden in the interior area of the holy Meili Snow Mountains massif.
  • Experience staying in a "Tree House" in an animal kingdom in Xishuangbanna where you can feed a lively red panda, touch a mild deer, say hello to a lazy loris, and have a photo with a rhinoceros.
  • Hike in the pristine tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful forest scenery.

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2. Guilin — a Masterpiece of Karst Landforms

ATV driving experience in GuilinGuilin

Temperature in April: around 13–22°C (55–72°F)

April is the beginning of the Li River's high flow period, but not the high flood risk period. Farmers plow their fields with water buffalos and plant their paddies with rice in April.

The Longji Rice Terraces are irrigated, and the waterlogged paddies sparkle in the sunlight. In April, the lemon and white rape flowers along the Yulong River in Yangshuo are in full bloom.

Top things to do in April:

  • Have an adventurous ATV driving experience along paths and between rice fields in Yangshuo.
  • Try a 2-hour via Ferrata (cable-protected cliff climb) in Yulong River Ecological Park.
  • Enjoy a relaxing hike along the Li River instead of the touristy cruise boats. Slow down your pace to enjoy the picturesque Li River more. Skim stones across the water, and pick lovely wild spring flowers.
  • Explore Guilin's mountain-minority villages by the terraced rice fields. Enjoy the incredible views created by local people's wisdom and hard work.
  • Have an adventure in an underground world, as you explore a cave that has never been touched by ordinary tourists. Discover amazing stalactites and stalagmites without any man-made effects.

3. Tibet — When Pink Peach Blossom Meets the Snowy Peaks

Pink Peach Blossom in NyingchiNyingchi, Tibet

Temperatures in April: around -7–8°C (19–46°F) in Lhasa and Shigatse; -10–5°C (14–41°F) in the Everest Base Camp area

When the peach blossom of Nyingchi is blooming in the valleys below the snowy peaks, spring in Tibet is coming. Snow and ice begin to melt on the plateau's mountains. Namtso Lake will slowly wake up — it's half water, half ice in April. And Tibetan people start farming their barley fields.

Top things to do in April:

  • Explore Lulang Forest and enjoy the valleys' peach blossom in Nyingchi.
  • Have a moderate hike to see Tibet's biggest glacier — Laigu Glacier — and marvel at its blue ice.
  • Stand in front of the "apex" of the roof of the world at Mt. Everest Base Camp. Witness the starry sky and the morning sunshine as never before!

4. Huangshan/Wuyuan — View Picturesque Flower-scapes

Huangshan's village in springHuangshan

Temperature in April: around 6–15°C (43–59°F)

As spring returns, all kinds of species in Huangshan wake up. The Yellow Mountains are covered with green plants and blooming flowers. Some peaks are dotted with red azalea flowers. The fields around the ancient villages in Huangshan are transformed into seas of yellow rapeseed flowers.

From mid-March to early April, you can take an hour's drive to Wuyuan (from Huangshan) to see endless flowery seas and ancient villages.

Top things to do in April:

  • Climb aboard your paraglider/paramotor, fly like a bird, and view the seas of canola flowers in Wuyuan.
  • Hike in Huangshan Scenic Area, where yellow rape flowers grow in the fields on both sides of the roads leading to the Yellow Mountains. Just prepare enough memory space for all the eye-catching photos.
  • Cycle around the villages in Huangshan to take in the freshness of nature mixed with the best-preserved Anhui-style architecture. You won't be short of great shots for your Instagram!
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5. Luoyang — a Sea of Peony Blossom

Longmen GrottoesLongmen Grottoes

Temperature in April: around 7–19°C (45–66°F)

As one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Luoyang shows its most elegant side as an ancient capital in spring, because of its peonies. April is the best time to see amazing peony blossom — the national flower of China.

Luoyang is a city with a history of over 3,000 years with many ancient relics. How fantastic to visit one of the top four grottoes in China at sunset! The smile of the Buddhas seems more mysterious under the golden light. Be amazed by the incredible grotto art, dating back to more than 1,500 years ago.

High-speed train service between Beijing and Luoyang is available, with a travel time of around 4½ hours.

Top things to do in April:

  • Visit the amazing Luoyang National Peony Garden with the classical architecture of the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Understand why the peony is the national flower of China.
  • Be amazed by the incredible Longmen Grottoes dating back to more than 1,500 years ago. Catch the magnificent view of the grottoes illuminated at sunset.
  • Enjoy a kung fu show in the celebrated Shaolin Temple, which is the birthplace and home of Chinese kung fu. Experience the culture of Zen and the spirit of Chinese kung fu.

6. Danba — a Beautiful County in Western Sichuan

DanbaYala Snow Mountain

Temperature in April: around 0–15°C (32–59°F)

You probably already know Chengdu for its giant pandas. But did you know that there is a peaceful county about 350 kilometers (220 miles) west of Chengdu City where white pear blossoms appear from mid-March to early April?

Danba County is a fine place to appreciate splendid spring flowers on the snow-capped plateau.

Many of Danba's visitors are photographers who drive there, stopping along the way at Dujiangyan, which is home to an ancient irrigation system and a panda base, Balang Snow Mountain, and Mt. Siguniang.

Top things to do in April:

  • See sacred Yala Snow Mountain up close. Its virgin peak has never been climbed. A newly-opened scenic area, its beauty is recognized and accessible, but not spoilt by crowds.
  • Hike in the forest of Wolong National Nature Reserve to learn about the life of wild pandas.
  • Skip the commercial Tibetan villages and discover the real Tibetan lifestyle in an authentic one. Learn the differences in Tibetan culture between Sichuan and Tibet.
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7. Guizhou — Cherry and Azalea Flowers

Cherry and Azalea FlowersCamp in a cave

Temperature in April: around 10–20°C (50–68°F)

It doesn't matter if you still cannot visit Japan for cherry blossom this spring. In the southwest of China, the cake-like scenes of cherry and matcha tea flavors never fail to delight.

You will be amazed by the azalea blossoms of different colors and species: white, mauve, pink, purple, and red.

Top things to do in April:

  • Camp in a cave. Stay in a vaulted masterpiece of the karst landscape. Enjoy a meal cooked by local Buyi people (one of China's official ethnic minorities) and listen to their stories.
  • Visit the biggest 'natural garden' in the world. Walk in the colorful azalea forest. It is just like wandering in a fairyland.
  • Enjoy the magnificent view of the Huangguoshu Waterfall. It has a powerful "melody" created by water and land.
  • Hike among the Peak Forest to admire the quirky landscape, peaceful villages, and optimistic people who make their living there, which are all highlights.
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8. Fujian's Hakka Buildings (Tulou) — Mysterious Earthen Castles

Hakka BuildingsHakka Buildings

Temperature in April: around 16–23°C (61–73°F)

The Hakka Earth Buildings are a peculiar kind of family-inhabited communal building, which can accommodate two to three hundred households.

They embody the traditions of unity and friendship passed down from generation to generation by the Hakka people. The Tulou are mainly distributed in Nanjing County and Yongding County.

The most magnificent and well-preserved Hakka earth buildings are in the Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster in Nanjing County (not the city), which is a region about 150 km (100 miles) across the Fujian-Guangdong border, 2½–3½ hours by bus west of Xiamen.

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Top things to do in April:

  • Walk around "Mulan's hometown" in Tianluokeng Tulou to find the exact set of Mulan's home in the movie.
  • Be invited by the Hakka people to their rooms. They'll show you the upstairs floor, which is not allowed to be accessed in most of the other earthen buildings.
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9. Wuyishan Mountain — a Heritage Site near Xiamen

WuyishanFloat down the Nine Bends River

Temperature in April: around 16–23°C (61–73°F)

The Wuyi Mountains is one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas close to Xiamen City. It is well known for its abundance of deep canyons, dense forests, waterfalls, animals (many of them endangered), and plant life.

In April, tea leaves unfurl fragrantly all over the mountains and fields. It is very convenient to reach Wuyishan by a 3-hour train ride from Shanghai.

Top things to do in April:

  • Hike on the Wuyi Mountains, the World Cultural, and Natural Heritage Site, to learn ancient Fujian culture and see Danxia landforms (red sandstone cliffs).
  • Float down the Nine Bends River to find scenes that look like they're straight from traditional Chinese paintings and poems.
  • Discover timeless Ximeili Village that cherishes the traditional culture and lifestyles of Fujian province. Order a cup of tea there, taste its unique cliff soil aroma, and feel the slow pace of local life.
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Find Out More Places to Visit in April?

If you have a preferred place to visit in addition to the above, contact us and we could also make an itinerary for you.

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