• tulou
    Discover Ancient Tulou Clusters - in the List of World Heritage
  • Wuyi Mountain
    Hike on the Wuyishan to Learn Ancient Fujian Culture and See Danxia Landform
  • Xiapu Scenery
    Photograph the Unique Beauty of Xiapu’s Intriguing Mudflats at Sunrise
  • Stroll in Xiamen - the Garden on Sea
  • gulangyu island
    Explore Exquisite and Romantic Gulangyu Island
  • xiamen guide map

Xiamen Tours

The beautiful harbor city of Xiamen, known to the West as Amoy, is characterized by a charming waterfront district, a pleasant and mild climate, a clean environment, and its characteristic food.

From Xiamen, you can sail to romantic Gulangyu Island to see the colonial mansions, explore the quirky but marvelous tulou (/too-loh/ 'earth building(s)', Hakka “castles”) , and head northeast to Wuyi Mountain, the World Cultural and Natural Site to learn ancient Fujian culture, see beautiful Danxia landform and enjoy some hiking.

Choose from our Xiamen tour packages to see the best of Xiamen. All the tours below are flexible and can be customized based on your interests, requirements, and budget. If you have your own plan, we are also happy to just arrange hotels and flights for you. China Highlights will provide you with an unparalleled Xiamen tour experience.

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