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Top 6 Places to Visit in August in China

top places to visit in august

If you are looking for a quieter summer travel experience, the hospitable weather means you can explore the remoter, more-rugged-and-scenic, and less-visited areas of China in August.

But if it is the first time for you and your family to visit China, China's iconic tourist cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Guilin — are still very visitable, though crowded, in this season. Don't be scared by the summer crowds you may read about on the Internet. Let somebody in the know help you arrange your trip. You can still have a great China experience in the summer vacation.

1. Tibet — enjoy the festival season


Tibet is mild and comfortable in August except on the high mountains. It is when most Tibetan festivals are held. Summer, especially July and August, is the best time to experience Tibetan culture and explore. You can watch the sports and entertainment. The Tibetans gather for two grand spectacles every August — the Shoton Festival and the Horse Racing Festival.

Besides these festivals, you'll be awed while trekking around the fabulous natural scenic places. The vast plains, lakes, and snow-covered mountains in Tibet are "top of the world", such as Lake Nam, Lake Yamdrok, and Mount Everest. August is the rainy season in Tibet, however, so the tops of mountains are hidden in cloud more often.

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2. The Silk Road — diverse culture AND amazing scenery

silk road

If you are looking for a life-time adventure this summer, the Silk Road may be a good choice. Summer has this areas' most comfortable weather, when the deserts are hot and dry and the mountains are warm or cool. In the pleasant weather, you can better enjoy the historical sites, the culture and the food of the various peoples and enjoy the spectacular desert and mountain scenery.

Xinjiang is a special minority region in China with different Muslim cultures. Many ethnic groups make this region a Central Asian melting pot, and you can dine on meals with flavors from Chinese to Turkish.

There are vast rugged deserts and high mountain scenery such as 'Heavenly Lake' (Tianhu). Gansu Province is known for its Silk Road sights, such as the Mogao Buddhist Caves and the Jiayuguan Great Wall. Read more on the Silk Road.

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3. Guilin — refreshing countryside


The picturesque countryside in Guilin and Yangshuo are good places to relax in the summer weather. Take a bamboo boat rafting along the Yulong River, and enjoy the lush and striking countryside passing by.

There are hotels with swimming pools on the banks of the River. Hate the summer heat and holiday crowds? You could just enjoy your time at the hotel while enjoying the mountain and water scenery nearby.

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4. Guizhou — Cool Weather in Summer


Most first-time travelers to China won't know of Guizhou, as it is far less famous than Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, and Shanghai.

Guizhou features ethnic culture and mountain scenery. If you are looking for a place with cool weather, especially one without huge summer crowds, then you may consider The Top 10 Ethnic Minority Villages in Guizhou.

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5. Inner Mongolia — vast grasslands at their tallest

inner mongolia

Inner Mongolia has vast grasslands where you can enjoy horse riding and trekking when the weather is comfortable. During the short and hot summers, the grass is the tallest. Grasslands stretch as far as the eye can see. It has one of China's most beautiful and unusual natural areas. It was once the domain of the Mongol empires, and you can see Mongolian yurts in some places still.

During the Nadam Festival, usually in August, you can mingle with the crowds in Mongol encampments and watch their sports such as horse racing and archery. You can also watch the folk dancers and listen to Mongolian music.

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6. Qinghai Lake — nature and Tibetan culture

qinghai lake

Qinghai Lake is China's largest, and it is often deep blue, high in the old Tibetan homeland of Qinghai Province. You can appreciate Tibetan culture and food while you walk and bike in the towns in the area. It is warm in August. Some people stop at the lake on their way to or from Tibet. Bird Island, an animal sanctuary, is a highlight.

You pass the lake on the Xining to Lhasa Tibetan Railway.

Let China Highlights help you with your summer holiday

With the hot weather and holiday crowds to negotiate, it may seem a hard job to plan an enjoyable China trip in August. Let us help you. We are in China, and have explored the country in every season. Tailor-made service is our specialty.