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Guilin Weather in June

guilin weather june

Yangshuo Countryside Biking Explore the countryside in Yangshuo

Weather: June is the second wettest month with occasional heavy downpours with lightning. On some days, there is continuous rainfall that lasts for more than a day. The average monthly rainfall is 347 mm or about 14 inches, and it rains in an average of 18 days of the month.

It is warm and humid, and there is good weather for outdoor activities. The average daily low and high temperatures are respectively 23 °C (72 °F) and 30°C (86 °F). See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Prepare an umbrella or light raincoat. Wear summer clothes such as T-shirts, shorts and skirts.

Guilin June 2013 Weather Data Graphs

guilin weather june graphs

Things to Do

Li River Cruise: Take a cruise trip and relax as you eat and see the sights float by. You can see the banks of the Li River bordered by lush trees and rice fields. Take out your camera to record everything.

Explore the Yangshuo countryside: After the cruise to Yangshuo you should head out to exlore the karst landscape at clowith a bike trip or go rafting in the Yulong River? Biking, hiking, kayaking, and rafting trips are all very popular in June. Just inquire, and let's talk about what you want.

yulong river Bamboo rafting on the Yulong River

Rafting on the Yulong River: Rafting is fun and safe there, and you can see a lot of the karst hills without the chatter of tourists on a cruise ship. The raft trip takes about 1½ or 2 hours, but you can ask the punter to go slow and stop and see what you want. Some people jump in for a swim. Others just want to eat snacks and relax. You can take your bikes on board and ride back. Or we can arrange a car ride back for you.

Shop and dine in Yangshuo: The town in small enough to walk across in less than an hour, and it retains a lot of small town Chinese rural character. After a cruise trip to Yangshuo or another activity, there are a lot of small restaurants that serve everything from gourmet Chinese food and Western food to local fish and noodle dishes. Check out the souvenir shops on West Street.

Shoulder Travel Season

June isn't one of the high tourist months, but a lot of foreign tourists come in during their summer vacations or school breaks. The Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 20-22, 2015. If you want to see the festival, We can help youarrange a tour including it and book hotel rooms and flight and train tickets at a discount.

Guilin Tours

China Highlights has arranged a variety of Guilin tours that you can modify to fit your dreams. There are tours for everything from hiking to biking to kayaking to sightseeing at the caves and mountains. We can tailor-make a tour to suit your needs. We know the area well and will create your tour by our years of experience.

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