Guilin Weather in March

Weather: The weather warms up in spring. It averages about 15 °C (56 °F) with increasing humidity and occasional showers, but there are still sharp rises and falls of temperature on some days. It is warm and pleasant on the occasional sunny days.

The average daily low and high temperatures are respectively 10 °C (50 °F) and 16 °C (60 °F). There is about 137 mm of total rainfall each month, and it rains most of the days of the month. See the current weather and forecast>>

Clothing: A coat and a light sweater are enough to help you cope with the weather, but long-sleeve shirts are suggested when it becomes warmer during the day.

Things to Do

li-river-head-8 Li River in March

Enjoy a Guilin River Cruise: It is the most popular and picturesque scenic area in Guilin, and the river scenery is eulogized throughout China. It is called one of the "Top 10 Watery Wonders" by America's National Geographic Magazine and the World's "15 Best Rivers for Travelers” by CNN Travel.

Our cruise covers the 83 kilometers (52 miles) between the Guilin Zhujiang Pier and Yangshuo in four hours. A light buffet lunch is included, and then after arrival, there are optional popular activities such as river rafting or biking in the country among the exotic hills. The Zhujiang Pier is about 32 kilometers (20 miles) or a 40-minute drive from the Guilin city center. A Li River cruise is included in all of our Guilin Tour Packages.

River conditions in March: The river is not as deep as in the rainy season from May to August, but it is higher than in the winter, and it is one of the best times to take a Li River cruise. You can watch farmers plowing and seeding their riverside fields and see fields of yellow rapeseed flowers.

See Longsheng's Terraced Fields: The fields of rapeseed flowers amid patches of green shoots on the terraces are beautiful and fascinating. These are some of the world's largest such farming terraces, and you can watch farmers planting and tending the fields. The ethnic farming villages, their architecture, and their food are all memorable. It is about a two hours drive from Guilin, and China Highlights will do our best to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip. We can also arrange a hiking trip in this area.

See the local festivals: In the area of Longsheng terraces, there are two Yao ethnic festivals in between March and May, depending on their dates in the lunar calendar: The Yao Red Clothes Festival and the Yao Jin Feng Festival in Miaoping Village. We'll help you time your trip to the Longsheng Terraces for the festival you want to see. There is also the Peach Blossom Festival in Gongcheng about 100 kilometers from Guilin.

Low Season Travel

It is still the low travel season in March. Large travel groups are yet to arrive, so you can quietly enjoy Guilin’s scenery and top attractions. Hotel rooms and flight and train tickets are available, and we can help you book them even at a discount if you ask.

Guilin Tours

China Highlights offers a variety of Guilin tour packages for everything from hiking to biking to rafting to sightseeing. We can tailor-make a tour to suit your needs. We've created a variety of tours through our years of experience and customer feedback.

Further Reading

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Questions and Answers About Guilin Weather in March

jas 2012-09-23
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Will be going to Guilin next year on March 9, the weather will be windy or not?

Hi Jass, the weather warms up in March, with heavy humidity and occasional drizzles, but there are still sharp rises and falls of temperature in some days. It is a little windy with drizzles, flowers come to bloom. It is warm and pleasant on the occasional sunny days. A coat and a light sweater are enough to cope with the weather, but thin sweaters and long-sleeve T-shirts are suggested when it becomes warmer during the day. See our Guilin tours.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-23
Jaclyn 2012-03-05
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What's the weather or temperature during March 12 ?
Highest: 8 °C Lowest: 5 °C According to weather forcast. Lynn Ye replied on 2012-03-09
Sophia Voon 2011-03-20
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What's the weather or temperature during end March to early April for GuiLin? Does the weather fluctuate?
Hi, Guilin is in the rain season when March, I think you need to take raincoat and bring some thick clothes. Kevin Ma Kevin Ma replied on 2011-03-21
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