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Join in the festive celebrations and experience authentic Chinese culture with China Highlights' China festival tours. To celebrate a Chinese New Year in Beijing, take part in Tibetan Shoton Festival or explore Guizhou's unique Miao festivals such as Sisters' Rice Festival.You will see how local people's celebration, or even join them in singing and dancing.

With more than 10 years' experience in customizing China tours, we can also help you design your own China festival tour.

Guizhou Festival Tour

Guizhou Minority People Most Popular
6-Day Guiyang and KaiLi Tour

Admire and try on the colorful ethnic costumes of Zhouxi Lusheng Festival or Sister's Meal Festival in Guizhou. This tour will give you an opportunity to join this large annual celebration held by the Miao ethnic minority.

Tibet Shoton Festival Tour

Shoton Festival
5-Day Lhasa and Nagqu Tour

Seeing Tangka at Drepung Monastery at the beginning of Shoton Festival, then shifts to Norbulinka for Tibetan opera. This tour gives a glimpse of Tibet's traditions and colorful festival lifestyle.

Chinese New Year

Beijing Forbidden City
6-Day Beijing New Year Celebration Tour

Celebrate Chinese New Year's Eve just as locals in Beijing do! You can join in decorating a house with the host family by experiencing Chinese calligraphy and purchasing New Year special items.

Common Questions Travelers Ask Us:

1. China Festivals Details
Chinese Festival Tours for 2018
Festivals Date Etdnic Groups Locations Activities
Chinese New Year Jan. 27, 2017 Han Beijing Learn how to make dumplings, enjoy a New Year banquet, otder New Year celebrations
Shoton Festival Aug. 11 Tibet Lhasa Seeing Tangka, Tibetan opera
Miao's Major Festivals in Guizhou
Lusheng Festival Mar. 5-7 Miao Zhouxi Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing,bullfight
Sister's Meal Festival Apr. 30–May 2 Miao Shidong Eat sister's meal, wooden drum dance,festival market
Siyueba Festival May 20 Miao Huangping Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing
Dragon Boat Festival Jun. 8 Miao Shidong Dragon boat race, local market
Lusheng Festival Nov. 3–4 Gejia Cong'anjiang Antiphonal singing, Lusheng dance, festival market
Lusheng Festival Nov. 4–6 Miao Gulong Antiphonal singing, bullfight, Lusheng dance
2. Tour Size

All the festival tours are group tours with a maximum number of 10 persons. You may share the festivals with other travelers.

Minimum persons:
Chinese New Year:2 persons
Tibetan Shoton Festival: 5 persons
Miao's Major Festivals in Guizhou: 2 persons

3. Guiding

You will be accompanied by our local English-speaking guides, even in Tibet. And most of them are trained to offer Western standard service.

4. Crowd

It seems the whole nation is on the move during the Chinese New Year. Tourist attractions, public places, shopping malls and restaurants are much crowded than usual, and temple fairs on the first days of the New Year are packed with people. Tibetan Shoton Festival is the busiest day there with crowds of local people but is an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of this festival.