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Pingyao Tours

31 years after the Stock Exchange began in Wall Street, Chinese banking began in Pingyao in 1823. When the world was busy changing its face, it kept its appearance of 2,700 years ago. You don't need a time machine — just come to Pingyao, and you will see the birthplace of "China's Wall Street", and experience the history of the best-preserved ancient town in China.

Pingyao is like a scroll displaying the development of China's economy, culture, society, and religion for nearly 3,000 years — the First Bank in China, displays of old armed escort companies, colored mud sculptures, wooden temples, the ancient city wall… every corner has its unique story.

Our Pingyao package tours pick out the most representative sights, utilize time efficiently, and thoughtfully present the gems of ancient Pingyao to you. We are flexible to tailoring your own trip according to your schedule, and offer professional suggestions.

Most Popular Pingyao Tour

Pingyao Highlights Tour
2-Day Pingyao Highlights Tour

Experience the rich ancient culture of China in the best preserved ancient walled town — Pingyao Ancient Town

Essence of Datong and Pingyao Tour
4-Day Essence of Datong and Pingyao Tour

Explore the Buddhism relics- Yungang Grottoesin Datong, combine with the Pingyao Ancient Town and Wang's Family Compound.

Wolong panda keeper program tour
9-Day China Culture Relics Classic Tour

Visit the most important historical sites in China- Great Wall, Yungang Grottoes, Pingyao Ancient Twon and Terra-Cotta Warriors.

Chengdu panda and sichuan cuisine tour
9-Day Beyond the Golden Triangle

Immerse yourself into the glory history and stories of imperial family in Beijing, and touch the ordinary life of merchant in Pingyao.

Chengdu best city tour
8-Day Northern Classics

This tour combined Beijing, Pingyao and Xian by bullet train, smart way to save the cost and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Pingyao Ancient City and Surrounding

Pingyao Vicinity Map

Common Questions Travelers Ask Us

1. What are the best sightseeing and transportation options in Datong and Pingyao?

It is recommended to spend one day in Datong (to see the town's attractions and the Yungang Grottoes,), one day traveling from Datong to Pingyao and sightseeing on the way (to see the Hanging Monastery, Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, and the Wang Family Courtyard), and one day in Pingyao Ancient Town. The best way to get to Pingyao from Datong is to have a private vehicle. In order to have the most flexibility to enjoy the attractions along the way, we have a four-day package tour that includes the most representative attractions in Datong and Pingyao

2. What are the transportation links between Beijing and Datong?

There are two ways to get to Datong from Beijing: airplane and train. There are two daily flights from Beijing to Datong that depart in the early morning and late afternoon. The flights take 55 minutes. The train journeys take between 6½ and 8 hours, and most of them are overnight trains. They depart in the late evening (around 11pm) and arrive in the early morning.

3. What is an overnight train like? How is a train ticket booked?

For overnight trains, we recommend soft sleepers. There are four bunks in a compartment with a door for privacy. Each bunk has a pillow and a blanket. The toilets are at the end of the carriage and may be a Western toilet; however, they may not always be clean as they are used by people from other carriages. We can book the train ticket for you, and will usually purchase the ticket for a bottom bunk in the compartment, which is easier and steadier. If you do not want to share the compartment with other people, we can also book the whole compartment (four tickets).

4. What is the recommended transportation between Beijing, Pingyao, and Xi'an?

The fastest and easiest way between these three cities is to travel on the CRH (China Railway High-Speed), also known as the bullet train. Below are the schedules of the trains:

Beijing Xi (Beijing West Railway Station) – Pingyaogucheng (Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station)

Train Number Departure City to Arrival City Duration
D2001 07:52 Beijing Xi – 12:08 Pingyaogucheng 4h 16m
G609 10:33 Beijing Xi – 14:32 Pingyaogucheng 3h 59m
D2005 15:29 Beijing Xi – 19:45 Pingyaogucheng 4h 16m

Pingyaogucheng (Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station) – Beijing Xi (Beijing West Railway Station)

Train Number Departure City to Arrival City Duration
D2002 08:42 Pingyaogucheng – 12:55 Beijing Xi 4h 13m
G616 13:40 Pingyaogucheng – 17:28 Beijing Xi 3h 48m
D2006 16:16 Pingyaogucheng – 20:39 Beijing Xi 4h 23m

Xi'an Bei (Xi'an North Railway Station) – Pingyaogucheng (Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station)

Train Number Departure City to Arrival City Duration
D2506 09:38 Xi'an Bei – 12:23 Pingyaogucheng 2h 45m
D2512 11:07 Xi'an Bei – 14:14 Pingyaogucheng 3h 07m
D2514 12:10 Xi'an Bei – 15:10 Pingyaogucheng 3h
D2518 13:40 Xi'an Bei – 16:47 Pingyaogucheng 3h 07m
D2532 16:12 Xi'an Bei – 19:26 Pingyaogucheng 3h 14m
D2530 19:05 Xi'an Bei – 22:04 Pingyaogucheng 2h 59m

Pingyaogucheng (Pingyao Ancient Town Railway Station) – Xi'an Bei (Xi'an North Railway Station)

Train Number Departure City to Arrival City Duration
D2503 08:40 Pingyaogucheng – 11:55 Xi'an Bei 3h 15m
D2031 10:05 Pingyaogucheng – 13:12 Xi'an Bei 3h 07m
D2513 14:11 Pingyaogucheng – 17:04 Xi'an Bei 2h 53m
D2521 16:38 Pingyaogucheng – 19:45 Xi'an Bei 3h 07m
D2529 20:00 Pingyaogucheng – 22:40 Xi'an Bei 2h 40m

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