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China Photography Tour

Let us take you to the most photographed places in China to meet Chinese people. All the arrangements and attractions of our photography tours are considerately designed for you to get an in-depth tour of China's history, landscapes, and cultures. We humbly acknowledge that many of our past guests have been skilled photographers, some working for travel magazines. We insist on helping you discover the best photography locations, and showing you the best of China.

Fixed Time Once A Year Tour Guided By Top Photographers
Building Blocks of Avatar
9-Day Guilin and Zhangjiajie Unique Photography Combo(Small Group)

Join the tour and guided by top photographers-Jie Qin in Guilin and Minfa Zhou in Zhangjiajie to photograph a unique China. You will be taken to exclusive places and have the biggest chance to shoot sunrise and sunset as the background of karst hills and Zhangjiajie landscapes.

Start on Sept.21th and ends on Sept.29th, 2017. Reserve your place before the group gets full. If 5 people sign up, we can book the tour. Max group size: 8 people.

Choose any date to start if you are above 3 persons.

Fixed Time Twice a Year Tour Guided By Italian Top Photographer
Building Blocks of Avatar
9- Day Photo Tour of Larung Gar and Yarchen Gar — Hidden Gems of Tibetan Culture (Small Group)

This one of a kind photo tour has been created with the central idea of leading you to the most remote and surreal places in China; the kind of places where you have to pinch yourself to make sure that they are real.

  • First Trip: July 12th-20th, 2017
  • Second Trip: September 2nd-10th, 2017

This tour can be customized to your own dates, if you have 4+ people going with you.

Jie Qin
Jie Qin - Guilin Knowledgeable Photographer A member of China Photographer Association with 40 years of photography experience, is also a traditional Chinese painter. His photos were publish on Chinese National Geography, Chinese Photography. As a Guilin native, Jie Qin has personal and broad knowledge of Guilin's landscapes, history, and culture. Jie Qin will give you photography suggestions from his rich photography experience. Enjoy his photos!

Mingfa Zhou
Mingfa Zhou - Zhangjiajie's Top Photographer Persisting in photographing Zhangjiajie for 18 years, Mingfa Zhou has recorded every corner of its breathtaking scenery. His personal photography book “Walk into Zhangjiajie” was published by China Photography Press. He has been invited to Hong Kong to show his photos by the Hong Kong Tourist Administration.

Most Popular Photography Tours

The Li River
Shots of Early Morning and Dusk at the Li River, and the Rice Terraces

Destinations: Guilin–Yangshuo–Xingping–Longshengs

A specially-designed Guilin itinerary enabling you to photograph the Li River's dreamy dawn, idyllic fishing scenery, a minority village, and the rice terraces. At this tour you will boost your photography skills with your guide while you enjoy one of the greatest sunrises of China.

Zhangjiajie Landscape
Zhangjiajie “Avatar” Photography Tour

Destinations: Zhangjiajie's Wulingyuan National Park

The trip offers an opportunity to photograph special Hallelujah Mountain inspiration for and later namesake of Avatar's floating rocks. Take photos of Zhangjiajie’s peculiar pillars in seas of clouds, towering rock walls in exclusive Yangjiajie, unique “paddy fields in the sky”, sunrises, and sunsets.

The Great Wall of China
Classic China Photo Tour

Destinations: Beijing–Guilin–Yangshuo–Hangzhou–Huangshan–Shanghai

This photographic tour is for photography lovers planning to visit China for their first time, and wanting to exercise their interest on an in-depth journey. Record a multidimensional China, including historical sites, natural landscapes, idyllic scenes, and modern life.

Especial Photography Destination Tours

The Yellow Mountian
The Photogenic Yellow Mountains and Nearby Ancient Villages

Destinations: Huangshan–Hongcun–Xidi

An interest-oriented itinerary allowing you to shoot the legendary scenery of the Yellow Mountains, the peaceful life of charming Hongcun, and the exquisite ancient buildings of Xidi. Tell your trip advisor to tailor your tour.

Wuzhen Water Town Shoot
China Water Town Photography Tour

Destinations:Tongli – Wuzhen – Nanxun

This tour will take you to shoot three of the top six water towns in China, offer a chance to take photos resembling ancient Chinese ink paintings. Easily reachable from Shanghai, you can take sunrise and sunset photos in the water towns. Also photograph the night lights of Wuzhen Ancient Water Town.

Xiapu's Mudflat
Classic Xiamen and Xiapu Mudflat Photography Tour

Destinations: Xiamen–Yongding–Xiapu

This photography tour combines Fujian’s fantastic natural scenery and local cultural life. Shoot classic Xiamen architecture, the striking Yongding Hakka Earthen Buildings, and a new favorite photo destination — Xiapu, known for its mudflats, sunrises, sunsets, and local fishing life.

Tailor-make Exclusive Tours for Pros

Professional photographers will shoot unique scenery in some must-see and exclusive spots. Your guide will help you to avoid the crowds, and take you to sunrise or sunset places in the right time according to your needs. Ask our travel advisor to tailor-make your phtography tour of China!