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Zhangjiajie Photography Tour

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Quick story of this tour
A newly popular place among photographers around the world, Zhangjiajie's fame has increased with its Hallelujah Mountain, reminiscent of the movie Avatar. Our staff made an inspection trip to Zhangjiajie to discover unique photography tour.

Accompanied by an English-speaking guide and a professional photography guide in Zhangjiajie, you can concentrate on photography and do it in an efficiently way. You will not miss wonderful shoot opportunity.


  • Get the best angles on sights like 'First Bridge in the World'
  • Photograph wide-angle panoramas at the 'Natural Great Wall'
  • Visit the famous Hallelujah Mountain
  • Shoot 'Sky Field Garden' surrounded by precipitous peaks

Professional Photographer Shoot with You

For Top Professional Photographers:

Mingfa Zhou

Mr. Zhou Mingfa has lived in and photographed Zhangjiajie for 18 years. As the top photographer in Zhangjiajie, he was invited to Hong Kong by Hong Kong Tourist Administration to show his photos. His works are published on China National Tourism Administration promotional materials, and his personal photography book “Walk into Zhangjiajie” is published by China Photography Press. He will be happy to communicate with you. Mr. Zhou charges 5,000 RMB per tour (3–5 days).

For Amateurs or Photography Lovers:

We will arrange a photographer of Zhangjiajie Photographer Association. Richly experienced, they take photos in Zhangjiajie frequently. Guides of different levels of experience and expertise are selected based on your requirements. The photography guide service is 200–800 RMB per day: amateur 200 RMB, experienced guide around 400 RMB, and professional photographer 800 RMB.

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Suggested Photography Tours
  1. 2-3 days: The Yangjiajie area, the Old House area, the Tianzi Mountain area, and the Yuanjiajie area
  2. 4-7 days: The Yangjiajie area, the Old House area, the Tianzi Mountain area, and the Yuanjiajie area, the Gold Whip Steam and Tianmen Mountain
  3. 8-10 days: The Yangjiajie area, the Old House area, the Tianzi Mountain area, and the Yuanjiajie area, the Gold Whip Steam, Tianmen Mountain and Fenghuang

What you do will depend on what photos you want to take, and then on the weather conditions when you go, so there is no fixed day-by-day itinerary advertised. Instead we list the attractions according to their different zones within Zhangjiajie National Forest Park for you to select from. Let our travel advisor know what you want to do and we will tailor make your Zhangjiajie photography tour in conjunction with your local guide.


The Yangjiajie Area

Becoming popular, this new area's top viewpoints include Tianbofu and the Natural Great Wall. Narrow and towering natural walls of rock, different from typical Zhangjiajie pillars, are its distinguishing feature.

Tianbofu 6:30 pm © Andy Beales

'Old House Area'

Have a short walk to photo 'Spirit Soldiers Meeting' and 'Sky Field Garden'. 'Sky Field Garden' is a rice paddy area, farmed by local people and hanging on an outcrop, surrounded by Zhangjiajie's classic towers.

The Yuanjiajie Area (Afternoon Recommended)

Famous and popular for its Hallelujah Mountain, named after Avatar's floating rocks, pictures of 'First Bridge in the World' from 'Viewing Bridge Platform' (Wangqiaotai) are a bonus. Afternoon is the best time to photograph the Yuanjiajie area. To avoid crowds and a better light, your guide will take you there around 5:00 pm.

First Bridge in the World 5:38 pm © Andy Beales

The Tianzi Mountain Area for Morning Mists

Tianzi Shan ('Heaven Son Mountain') is a fabulous location for seeing Zhangjiajie pillars among the sea of clouds. A lot of Zhangjiajie photography blockbusters are created there. Get inspired!

Start early to avoid crowds and to catch the morning mists. All the photographic locations are within a short distance. You can stay in McDonald's (“the best restaurant on the mountains”!) to enjoy some coffee or upload your photos when you are free. Enjoy a familiar Western breakfast.

The Emperor's Pens 9:17 am © Andy Beales

Add-On Programs

Tianmen Mountain
Zhangjiajie Old Courtyard
Tianmen Fox Fairy Night Show
Fenghuang Ancient Town

Trip Notes

The Best Time to Go

Zhangjiajie's classic scenery is pillars in the sea of clouds. The best times for foggy peaks are a day or two after rain in April to June or September to November. July and August have much fewer chances to see the clouds. The phenomen can last 30 to 60 minutes, depending on wind, temperature, etc. May Day and Chinese National Day holidays (the first weeks of May and October) are strongly NOT recommended.

The Weather

The weather plays a very important role in a photography tour. Your guide is flexible, and can make appropriate changes based on the weather, after discussion with you. If you meet some bad weather for photography, your guide will try his best to take you to the place best suited to the weather conditions.

Hotel Conditions

In the mountains of Zhangjiajie are very basic. Usually there is only a simple Chinese breakfast including rice porridge, pickles, and steamed buns. Your guide will prepare instant coffee and some bread. Hotels adjacent to the park in Wulingyuan offer better conditions.

Luggage Transfer

From downtown Zhangjiajie to the national park is 20 RMB per piece of luggage. Transfer to Wulingyuan Town is 30 RMB per piece. If you stay in the city on the first and last days, you can leave your excess luggage in your downtown hotel.

National Park Transport

Free shuttle buses run 8am–5:30pm, and the last paid bus is 7pm. You will need to rent a low-comfort local van for sunrise or sunset trips. We will do our best to arrange the best transport for you.

Meet Top Photographer in Zhangjiajie

Mr. Zhou Mingfa, One of top photographers in Zhangjiajie, lives at Tianzi Mountain area and his family run a shop that sell his photography book and post card. If you are lucky, you may meet him at the shop. It is good to have a chat with him.