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Huangshan Weather in January

the yellow mountains

January is the coldest month of the year. The average temperature is 2.4 °C (27.6 °F) below zero, with minimum and maximum temperatures of –22 °C (–7.6 °F) and 7°C (19.4 °F), respectively. The average precipitation is 78.7 mm, but you can still enjoy the beautiful snow all around. Moreover, with the mountain at a high altitude, the wind blows frequently.

Because January is cold, wear a down jacket, gloves, thick socks, anti-cold caps, and a mask. The roads are slippery, so wear sneakers. You can also buy crutches to help you climb the mountain easier, especially since the roads can be steep.

January is a good time for winter travel. Enjoy the beautiful snow and the charming sea of the clouds and prices for accommodations are affordable since January falls during the off-season. See our 3-day essence of Huangshan tour.

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