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Tianxingqiao Scenic Area

Located about 6km downstream of the Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxionqiao Scenic Area is consists of three main areas: Tianxing Cave, 'potted landscape' on water, and Stone Forest in Water. The scenic area is featured various grotesque limestone formations, caves, waterfalls, forest, lakes and 'Heavenly Star Bridge' (Tianxing Qiao): a slab of stone spanning and forming a bridge across a gorge. It is a mysterious and spectacular world, which offers visitors a pleasant hiking environment.

Tianxing Cave

Tianxing Cave is situated in the middle of Tianxingqiao scenic area. It is a unique Karst cave, composed by several naturally formed chambers. This place is impressive, especially the four huge stelae rising from the floor to the ceiling, each one with a height over 20 meters. Calcium carbonate deposits create an abstract landscape of spectacular shapes about the cave. Besides, there are man-made sights in the cave which are also very attractive. It is dolled up with colored spotlights which add charm to the cave.

tianxingqiao scenic area

Tianxing 'Potted Landscape' on Water

The 'Potted Landscape' is located on a river called Sancha River and along its both sides. It is called 'Potted Landscape' because wind and water erosion has carved and shaped the Karst limestone here looking like potted plants in various shapes and sizes. Trees and plants growing on them make them more lifelike potted plants. Walking across the river on winding stone paths zigzagging through the rocky hills is very interesting. Everyone can find their birthday on the stone paths.

Stone Forest in Water

Half of the Tianxingqiao stone forest is in water, while the other half stands above water. Deep pools, waterfalls and lush forest make this area spectacular and enchanting. Tourists also can appreciate famous Yinlianzhuitan Waterfall and Xingxia Flying Waterfall in the area.