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Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area

Tianxing Bridge scenic areaTianxing Bridge scenic area

Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area, about 6 km downstream from Huangguoshu Waterfall, features various distinctive limestone formations: caves, waterfalls, forests, lakes and 'Heavenly Star Bridge' (Tianxing Qiao) – a slab of stone spanning a gorge and constituting a natural bridge.

Let’s head to the scenic area for a hike through nature!

  • Name: Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area (Tianxingqiao, Heavenly Star Bridge) 天星桥
  • Location: Anshun, Guizhou
  • Popular activities: hiking in the “potted landscape”; visiting karst caves and rivers; finding your birthday stone; exploring the whole scenic area
  • Suitable for: nature lovers, hikers, photographers
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours for a halfway-visit, about 4 hours to visit the whole area
  • Open: 07:00-18:00
  • Entry: via ticket to Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area


If Huangguoshu Waterfall is great and momentous, Tianxing Qiao is exquisite and elegant. The scenic area consists of three main components: a ‘Potted Landscape’ on Water, Tianxing Cave, and a Stone Forest in Water. It is a mysterious and spectacular world, offering visitors a pleasant environment for hiking.

Generally, it is impossible for trees to grow on stones. But here, you are able to see this extraordinary sight. When you stare at the roots invading the stones, you may think the roots are already withered. But look up, and you will find bright yellow branches and green leaves still growing.

Most incredible is a large banyan tree, stretching its roots across the stream, and grabbing another stone, forming a root bridge over the water. People are able to stand on or walk across the ‘root bridge’.

Tianxing ‘Potted Landscape’ on Water

Potted landscape on waterPotted landscape on water

The 'Potted Landscape' is on and along both sides of Sancha River (三岔河). It is called 'Potted Landscape' because wind and water erosion has carved and shaped the karst limestone to make it look like potted plants, of various shapes and sizes. Trees and plants growing on the rocks make them even more like potted plants.

It is lovely to walk across the river on winding stone paths, zigzagging through the rocky hills. The stones are called Birthday Stones, for there are 365 stones in total, and everyone can find their birthday on the stone paths. If you find yours, remember to take a photo and make a wish.

Tianxing Cave

Tianxing Cave is in the middle of the Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area. It is a unique karst cave composed of several naturally-formed chambers; very impressive, especially the four huge stelas rising from floor to ceiling, each at a height over 20 meters.

Calcium carbonate deposits create an abstract landscape of spectacular shapes about the cave. Besides, there are man-made sights which are also very attractive. It is all dolled up with colored spotlights which add their own charm.

Stone Forest in Water

Stone forest in waterStone forest in water

Half of the Tianxing Bridge Stone Forest is in water, while the other half stands above the water. Deep pools, waterfalls and lush forest make this area spectacular and enchanting. Tourists in the area can also enjoy the famous Yinlian Zhuitan Waterfall (银链坠峡瀑布) and Xingxia Flying Waterfall (星峡飞瀑).

Compared with the Stone Forest in Yunnan, Tianxing Bridge has the added attraction of water. Rivers flow around the stone peaks, stone dams and stone walls.

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Activity for Hikers: Visit the Whole Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area

The first half of the Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area includes some artificial landscape, while the most authentic natural landscape (including Tianxing Cave, Yinlian Zhuitan Waterfall and Xingxia Flying Waterfall) is located in the latter half.

In peak season, the scenic area is usually crowded with groups of tourists. Fortunately, however, most of them only visit the first half. Your guide can lead you further, where it is much less crowded and has more spectacular natural landscape.

If you have enough time and energy, we recommend you tell your guide you want to go further. After the visit, you can ride a cable car (10 RMB per person) down.

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Travel Tips

Tianxing Bridge scenic areaTianxing Bridge scenic area

Tianxing Bridge is part of the Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area, so a ticket for Huangguoshu includes the bridge. The ticket is valid for 2 days, so you may ask your guide to arrange the time accordingly.

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Tourists can take sightseeing buses (50 RMB per person) around the scenic area from Huangguoshu to Tianxing Bridge, and vice versa. It is possible to visit Tianxing Bridge first and then Huangguoshu.

The best travel season is summer (from June to October). Although summer is the rainy season, the rainfall will increase water flow and make the scenery much more impressive.

The roads around Tianxing Bridge are relatively smooth, and hiking is not particularly strenuous. Due to rain and riverside walking, however, non-slip shoes and rain gear should be prepared in advance. Bring a walking stick if you need it.

It is possible to take photos with local Miao people dressed in their folk costumes, or you may rent a minority costume. This is not free. If you’d like to do it, let your guide know, and he/she will help you bargain for a lower price.

Enjoy Tianxing Bridge Natural Landscape with Us

Want to have a more comprehensive experience of Tianxing Bridge or to visit some places that are impossible to see if you are in a larger tour group? You only need to tell us your requests, and we can help you arrange your tour.

Feel free to check out the tours for reference, but remember they can all be customized!