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Changchun Travel Guide - How to Plan a Trip to Changchun

Changchun only has a history of 200 years and it is a brisk young city. It is in the hinterland of Songliao Plain, with Baicheng city on its northwest, Siping city on its southwest, Jilin City on its southeast and Leilongjiang province on its northeast. Changchun is the capital of Jinlin Province and it is the political, economical and cultural center of Jinlin Province.

Changchun was the capital of the Japanese-ruled state of Manchukuo during its occupation from 1937 to 1945. Vestiges of the city's disgraceful past remain, mainly in the form of palace where the last Qing Emper of Puyi ruled the state as a puppet of the occupying Japanese.

Changchun has been renowned as "city of movies" and "city of automobile". Changchun is the cradle of Chinese film production. The film studio in Changchun has produced over 600 films since its establishment in 1946. Some of the old films still linger on throughout the country.

Changchun saw china's first automobile company-the Changchun No. 1 Automobile Corporation now takes on a leading position in the automobile industry in China, which produces over one fifth of all the domestic autos.

Changchun is an ideal winter tourist destination. The freezing cold weather has resulted in some of the finest ski resorts in China. The Beidahu, Jingyuetan and Songhuahu ski resorts are great places for ski lovers seeking both for fun and challenge. The rime scenery in winter in the area has been recognized as one of the four natural wonders of China.

Changchun has many types of restaurants, such as Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants as well as Muslim restaurants. China Highlights has listed some popular Muslim restaurants in Changchun.

  • Region Code: 0431
  • Post Code: 130000
  • Area: 20,571 square meters
  • Population: 7 million
  • Ethic groups: Han, Hui, Man, Korea, Mongolian

Local Food and Snacks You May Want to Try

Delicacies of Changchun combine different flavors of China. Particularly, they emerge the essences of the dishes of Sichuan province, Shandong Province and Beijing. Local wild game animals are the biggest feature here, which are very popular among visitors at home and aboard.

The famous Changchun dishes, generally speaking, use rare Long White products as their materials and add some traditional Chinese herbs to cook. The famous dishes are: Long White Cherish Feast, Green chicken with Maotai Wine and Ginseng, Sweetened bean paste covered with snow, spotted deer feast, red flower bear paw, etc. Local dishes and snacks includes: northeast homely matelote, stewed meat balls, eight bowls of Manzhu, ginseng stewed chicken in a boiler, braised deer's tails, mutton stewed with kidney beans, Chaoxian cold noodles, Huibaozhen Dumplings, Liliangui biscuit with smoked meat, the hotpot of plain boiled pork and marinate, etc.

Long White Cherish Feast

Long White Cherish Feast has six main dishes, which all adopt Long White Mountain local special products as their materials-ginseng, young pilous antler, bear paw, Feilong, Xueha, and Songrongmo. It gathers the essence of Chinese traditional feast, exquisite workmanship, and luxurious decorations in table-board and rich colors. Its biggest specialty lies in the dishes not only delicious but also meditative.

Green Chicken with Maotai Wine and Ginseng

It is a famous in Changchun City. It adopts the most famous wine in China-Maotai Wine as a seasoning to remove the flavor of ginseng and add the fresh flavor of chicken. This dish is colorful and fragrant with elegant shape. It is a dish with distinctive local features.

Braised Deer's Tail

It is a very rare dish. It has a set of overnice approach to cook deer's tail and its seasonings are very special. It is a very rare dish in high-level banquets. This dish is mellow and with red juice, reputed as "the strangest in tastes".

Huibaozhen Dumpling

It is a food with Hui Nationality flavor. Because the name of the first maker of the dish is Huibaozhen, it hence gets the name. It has a history of over 70 years. Its fillings are large, its soup is very fresh and its shape is beautiful.

Sweetened Bean Paste Covered with Snow

It has a history of over 100 years and is popular among people. Main materials are: red bean, egg, white sugar, etc. It is like a ball. Before eating, local people always throw some white sugar on it hence it gets the name. It is fragrant and sweet with a special flavor.

Muslim Restaurants

There are many Muslim restaurants in Changchun, which enjoy a great popularity. China Highlights has listed some recommended Muslim restaurants in Changchun for you.

Changchun Weather

The climate of Changchun is in the transition belt between the eastern humid hilly region and the western semiarid flat region, a continental sub humid monsoon climate of medium latitudes.

The east and the south are not far away from the sea, yet Long White Mountain obstructs and slacks down summer monsoon; the west and the north are the flat Songliao Plain, continental polar airs from Siberia proceed without hindrance and various monsoons have serious effect here.

So the climate characteristics here are: it is very long and extremely cold in winter; it is dry and windy in spring; it is very short and warm in summer; and it is sunny and cloudless but the difference in temperature is very large in autumn. Annual average temperature here is 4.8 °C, with maximum temperature 39.5 °C and minimum temperature -39.8 °C. Annual temperature changes significantly, with distinctive four seasons.

The best time for traveling is in summer and autumn.

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