Changsha Muslim Restaurants

Changsha Muslim Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Furong District

1. Ka Xi Mu Restaurant

Being six-year old, it’s one of the oldest Muslim restaurants in the city, and becomes one of the most popular shops. The food it serves is varied, fresh and tasty. In addition, decoration of the restaurant is luxury, elegant and unique. Blankets on the walls create an original and simple atmosphere.

2.    Avanti Restaurant

Name after an excellent person of Xinjiang, the quality of food offered by the restaurant is also excellent. Compared with similar restaurants nearby, various dishes, inexpensive price, huge portions, and great taste make the restaurant different.

3.    Dong Lai Xing Islamic Restaurant

Dong Lai Xing Islamic Restaurant

Located in the Juzhou Mansion, the restaurant primarily serves different kinds of traditional halal food. Besides its tasty food, which has won the praise from Islamic Association of China, the restaurant is also known for the facilities near it. A coffee shop, a bar, and a fitness center are waiting for you to enjoy.

Tianxin District

1. Xinjiang Yakshi

Food served by the restaurant deserves the shop’s name, whose meaning is very good in Uygur, especially the fresh, crispy, and tasty lamb shashlik. Moreover, decoration of the restaurant is exotic and unique, in spite of the shop’s small size.

2.The Yellow River Building Restaurant

The Yellow River Building Restaurant

Near to the Islamic Association of China in Changsha, the restaurant, which mainly offers classical halal food, attracts lots of people who like Muslim food. The braised chicken with potato and green pepper and shaved noodles are classical collocation. If you have the noodles with the sauce in the chicken, you will enjoy a special taste. Besides, the restaurant offers takeout, so you may enjoy the tasty food at your home as long as it near the shop.

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