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The Top 7 Shopping Areas in Chengdu

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Aug. 24, 2023

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Shopping in chengdu

Chengdu is a leisurely city that allows you to experience the fun of a slow life. It follows that Chengdu is a very developed for shopping.

By combining the unique street food and shopping experience together, you can really experience Chengdu's relaxed lifestyle.

Recommended tours:

1. Chunxi Road — Busiest Commercial Pedestrian Street in Chengdu

  • Chinese: 春熙路
  • Location: Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): 2 km, about 8 yuan by taxi
Chunxi road,a popular shopping place in chengduChunxi Road

Chunxi Road is the most representative, historic, and busy commercial pedestrian street of the city. It is the favorite shopping area of many foreign tourists and local white-collar workers.

Famous Brands and Big Shopping Malls

The most significant feature of Chunxi Road is that it brings various brands like Li Ning, Nike, and Baleno together with older, more traditional, Chinese shopping malls.

Chunxi Road shopping district has no shortage of shopping malls (e.g. Pacific Sogo Department Store, Wangfujing Department Store and hotels (e.g. Holiday Inn, 5 stars; Hyatt Regency, 5 stars; Sichuan Hotel, 4 stars; and more).

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Traditional Chengdu Food and Branded Restaurants

There are a number of "traditional Chinese specialties" in Chengdu, all of which are sold on Chunxi Road, such as Zhong dumplings, Lai rice dumplings, pig lungs in chili sauce, and Korean steamed buns.

There are also restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Haagen-Dazs, Bread Talk; cafés, tea houses, and so on.

2. Jinli — Chengdu Folk Street

Jinli old street, a popular place to shop in chengduJinli Old Street
  • Chinese: 锦里
  • Location: 231 Wuhou Temple Main Street 武侯祠大街231号
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): 3 km, about 10 yuan by taxi
  • Attraction nearby: Jinli Old Street

Jinli is about 350 meters from Wuhou Temple. Buildings from the Ming (1367–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) dynasties can be seen everywhere on this street, giving it a peaceful and classical feeling.

You can find pinched clay figurines, sugar paintings, and a variety of Sichuan snacks there. The numerous products and shops have the characteristics of the Three Kingdoms and Chuangxi culture, such as leather shadow puppets, Caoyingba Café, chopsticks specialty stores, restaurants, bars, and pubs. Jinli is a special folk-customs commercial street.

3. Wuhou Temple Side Street — Tibetan products Street

Wuhou TempleWuhou Temple
  • Chinese: 武侯祠横街
  • Location: Wuhou District
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): 3.5 km, about 12 yuan by taxi
  • Attraction nearby: Wuhou Memorial Temple

This street is opposite the well-known attraction, Wuhou Temple, and is famous as a Tibetan style street. There are dozens of shops selling Tibetan specialty products: jewelry, food, song books, ceremonial statues, and so on. You can find many unique objects full of Tibetan religious meaning.

4. Imperial Examination Lane — A Trendy Street

Imperial Examination Lane, one of chengdu shopping placesImperial Examination Lane
  • Chinese: 科甲巷
  • Location: Kejiaxiang, Jinjiang District, just beside Chunxi Road shopping area
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): 2 km, about 8 yuan by taxi

Imperial Examination Lane is not that long, but it's very busy. Tens of years ago, this short lane sold a variety of toys for children. Now it has becomes the place for fashionable clothes.

Fashion Boutiques and Personalized Shops

There are more than 40 fashion boutiques and many other personalized shops in this fashionable street. Trendy young people like to visit the shops every day.

Representative stores are Chunxi New Museum in the integrated shopping mall, Flower Friends Clothing Store, and the Swiss Butterfly Clothing Store.

5. Chengdu Sino-Ocean Tai Koo Li — Open Leisure Shopping Area

Tai koo li, chengdu shoppingChengdu Sino-Ocean Tai Koo Li
  • Chinese: 远洋太古里
  • Location: Shamao Street, Jinjiang District, close to Chunxi Road shopping area.
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): 2 km, 8 yuan by taxi

Unlike other department stores, Chengdu Tai Koo Li is more like an open shopping area. The buildings combine modern and traditional Chinese style.

You can shop for fashion clothes, jewelry, sports equipment, gifts, and food. The price is relatively high but the shopping environment is definitely good. If you don't want to be in the crowds, come here to enjoy pleasant leisurely shopping.

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6. Yanshikou — Mid-Price Range

  • Chinese: 盐市口
  • Location: Lihua Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区梨花街
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): about 10 minutes' walk

Yanshikou shopping area can meet different visitors' needs with its big shopping malls and wholesale markets. It's close to Chunxi Road shopping area too.

Discount Shopping Malls and Wholesale Markets for Clothes

Big shopping malls at Yanshikou shopping area, like Beijing Hualian, usually provide discounts. Taihua Market is a popular wholesale market for ordinary clothes. The style and quality of this bargain attire may not suit you however.

7. Songxianqiao Art City — Antique Art Market

Songxianqiao Art City, a place to shop in chengduSongxianqiao Art City
  • Chinese: 送仙桥艺术城
  • Location: Inside the Huanhua Cultural Scenic Area
  • Distance from city center (Tianfu Square): 4 km, about 13 yuan by taxi

Songxianqiao Art City, ranked as the Southwest China's fourth largest artwork market, is less than 300 meters from Qingyang Palace, and 200 meters from Du Fu Thatched Cottage.

On the second floor of this art city, you will find many reclusive painters, who run their galleries as businesses in the market.

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